Global Growth Best Practices Kicks Off

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Sunday, September 1, 2019

Global Chamber® and Coaching Professors have teamed up to create 6 business programs to help leaders gain a bigger slice of global business opportunities.

Each of the 6 programs contains 4 live courses accessed via zoom led by Professor Roberto Ancis, CEO/founder of Coaching Professors.

Highly interactive teaching techniques allows entrepreneurs to design specific growth solutions for their unique businesses. We kicked off the program last week, and the 2nd of the first 4 classes resumes this week on September 4th. It's not to late to join us. Register.

There's more background HERE... Global Growth Best Practices (GGBP).

We partnered with Professor Ancis on a similar shorter program and it was the most highly rated program we've ever done. The first session picked up right where that one left off... and attendees can jump in any time... click above and join us! We also has attendees grouped in seminar style around the world at locations including in Sonora, Mexico... learning as a group.

“This new series of 24 sessions over 11 months is a practical, real-world education and facilitation for company leaders truly serious about growing", said Professor Roberto Ancis, CEO/founder of Coaching Professors. "As we learned last time, the hands-on help including from peers around the world involved with the program, is invaluable.”

Leaders will learn...

    • How to evaluate opportunities, and what to do next. 
    • For your business, which are the best countries targets.
    • How should you expand...What should your plans be.
    • What barriers will you encounter and how do you overcome them. 
    • What specific international issues and opportunities will you face.

The 6 programs and 24 courses in the series are presented in logical order to best assist with growth planning and implementation.

Contact us at for more information.

Also read more and sign-up HERE.

In addition, we're offering each of the first 4 sessions in the 1st program for free to members & non-members to create value with no risk! For those who wish to continue, there will be a fee for programs 2 through 6, each with 4 sessions… and so a total of 20 more.

The format of the meetings provides strong interaction between all participants. The online meetings will be once a week, 1.5 hours per meeting, with ‘full access” participation by each attendee, and homework. Participants will receive a multi-slide Power Point summary of each meeting, relevant participation, guidance, answers, and useful information for their own businesses.

Program 1. 1 - Five Options to Access Foreign Markets and the EFE Methods to Assess Them

  • Session 1-1 (Aug. 28th) – Participants present their products/services. A discussion on going international, including risks
  • Session 1-2 (Sept. 4th) – Macro variables behind foreign country selection 
  • Session 1-3 (Sept. 11th) – How to select and assess a Foreign Market – the EFE Method 
  • Session 1-4 (Sept. 18th) – 5 Methods of Market Entry – Pros and Cons of each method

Program 2 - The H Model: Predicting Global Cultural Affinity

  • 4 sessions to be started November, 2019.

Program 3 - Pricing for Profit in International Business

  • 4 sessions to be started January, 2020.

Program 4 - Metrics and KPIs to Assess Your Foreign Operations 

  • 4 sessions to be started March, 2020.

Program 5 - Financial Analysis and Solutions for International Divisions and Foreign Operations

  • 4 sessions to be started May, 2020.

Program 6 - International Conflict Resolution Techniques

  • 4 sessions to be started July, 2020.

Each 4-week module may be accessed independently, although it is suggested that the modules be taken in the existing sequence, with continuity, to best benefit from each of the prior learning tools for the next program learning. 

For more information, contact Cesar Trabanco of Global Chamber® at or Professor Ancis at Coaching professors at




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