Warm Introductions Connect Members to New Opportunities

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Warm introductions across metros and borders are the basis for much of the value that we provide for members. It's fun for us, too because we love to see magic, including fresh ideas and new business opportunities happen after these warm intros.

We are continually surprised and amazed at what can develop! It only takes a little effort.

Like last week... at left member Megaforce of Taipei, Taiwan ROC (Eric Chen, left and Doris Graff, right) visited with Delta Technology of Tempe, Arizona (Lyle Rusanowski, center).

Megaforce has injection molding plants spread across 3 countries: Taiwan, China and Mexico, and Delta Technology has grown 8X in just a few years with automation equipment sold in countries across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

These two companies had no logical way to meet each other except through our unique global network of warm introductions that identify the potential. It's too early to report results, and even when they come, there's probably not much that can be said publicly about it anyway... but we'll likely all be smiling like Eric, Doris and Lyle in this photo. We are smiling already!

Thank you Lyle for your support from our early days and even before! Lyle famously reacted to our launch of Global Chamber with a mention of how they didn't have any international business. And oh how that changed, and changed things for the better! International business growth has been instrumental in their overall growth. Congratulations to Lyle and his team!

Thank you Eric and Doris for all your hard work that is paying off! Your multi-country injection molding strategy is building a solid foundation for your clients in a world with trade wars and tariffs. On this day, Eric had dropped in from Asia, and Doris had traveled starting at 4am across the country to arrive, meet and have a great meeting.

I think we all can relate... it takes extra effort to do cross metro business and cross border business, and it's worth it!

Doug Bruhnke, Global Chamber




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