Be Aware, Be Wary and Trust the Global Tribe

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Behind the unique global network of Global Chamber® in 525 metros around the world is the collective experience of thousands of global business executives doing real business every day, today and tomorrow... up to date on opportunities and threats.

The world is a big place, littered with executives that didn't quite pull it together. Perhaps they jumped in and something about their last business deal was catastrophic, causing a loss of opportunity or worse.

We hate to see that happen, and so we live every day to support member success.

That means the Global Chamber® worldwide team is thinking 24/7 about growing our trusted network of leaders and opportunities so that members can count on us and the people we introduce you to. You still need to be wary, but almost always you can trust the global tribe.

That's because however rarely if we find any member that is not trustworthy, they're gone. Conversely there's nearly 100% of our members who are superstar globies who we trust in every way, because of years of experience and success with them.

If someone has been doing business globally and has a good network, there are usually plenty of good reasons for that. They probably have been an upstanding global business citizen, and that's nearly always what we find when they join and we learn more.

Sometimes executives strike out on their own with global business, and so their failure rate is higher because they don't utilize our global tribe. We see it every day, and far too many times executives come to us after a partnership fails, or a deal dissipates or something else bad happens. We're working toward the day when ALL the best resources for global business are aware of Global Chamber® and are part of us BEFORE that big problem happens.

In the picture above are two great examples of amazing, trusted leaders in our global tribe.

First in the middle with the red blouse is Donaji Montes of Intechnational. I've known Donaji for over 10 years, and our team works closely with her and her team in California and across Latin America with interactions all the time. Donaji is well connected and well trusted... by our network, her network and well beyond. She has passed the due diligence test over and over, and that's a key part of the value of working with Global Chamber®, because our network is full of talented and trusted people like Donaji in every metro area.

There are a few people doing global business as 'lone wolves', acting largely alone, relying on their limited network. This could be because they don't play well in the sandbox with others, or they cut corners, or they've found it easy to disappear if a deal goes south. Sadly there are folks out in the world who we can not trust, and so we work hard on due diligence to not include those folks in our tribe. It does us no good to recommend someone to a member and then have problems. And so we're on this issue every day in every way.

Sometimes someone will slip through. That's the way of the world. Just know we're working hard to exclude those. The good news... you'll never be "ghosted" by Global Chamber®! We're transparent in our actions, and we strive for the highest capabilities and integrity every time. We'll deal with whatever issues occur, and even some great successes have bumps in the road along the way. You can relate, I'm sure!

Another good example of an amazing member of the global tribe is Eduardo Gonzalez of 258 Consulting, ex of Promexico, and the far right of the picture above. Eduardo is a consummate professional... well connected, highly capable and again someone to count on to help any executive do successful cross-border business. Part of that is when someone else is more qualified to help, Eduardo makes that introduction. That's what you can expect from our tribe. We have introduced Eduardo to countless people, and there's always a positive vibe and usually a win-win deal that comes from it that benefits both parties. Oh and ask him what the '258' means in his consulting firm's name!

We work every day to create good connections that allow two trustworthy parties to meet and hopefully benefit. That goal is at the core of our 'warm introductions' initiatives, and it's our highest priority, to help members grow effectively and productively.

Our members benefit from our deep and wide network around the world - including talented and trusted resources like Donaji and Eduardo, in EVERY metro of EVERY country. Count on us to sweat the details, with years of experience behind every warm introduction.

To go fast (at least momentarily), go alone. To go far, go with the global tribe. At some point along the journey for each project, our unique network everywhere in the world can help. The smartest among us are members, and they reach out when they need help... to be global and UNSTOPPABLE! And we all need help along the way.

Stay connected to be aware of new opportunities. Be wary of every deal that you do, and you have an extra element of safety by working with the global tribe. Trust across metros and borders has never been as important as today... and so trust the global tribe.

Contact us to learn more. We'll be happy to help, because we believe that global business helps the world, every day, in nearly every way.

Doug Bruhnke, founder/CEO of Global Chamber



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