Tariff Watch Update (21st Edition) 关税观察更新 (第二十一期)

Posted by: Mark Heusel - Dickinson Wright on Thursday, September 12, 2019

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On Wednesday evening, the U.S. President announced through Twitter that the US will push back the effective date of the proposed tariff increase on $250 billion worth of Chinese good from the scheduled date of October 1 to October 15, "as a gesture of goodwill."

The tweets came after the Chinese government's announcement that it would be exempting certain US products from tariffs on this Wednesday. The new round of trade escalation since the end of this August finally cooled down, with face-to-face discussions coming up in Washington as early as next week. The Trump administration doubled down on this show of goodwill by suggesting that they may be open to a short-term, interim solution while the parties continue to talk in good faith.  The interim solution may mean that the additional tariffs to go in effect in October and December could be delayed in exchange for concessions by Beijing over agricultural products and technology matters.


The current tentative two-week delay of the tariff increases will apply to the first three tranches of Section 301 tariffs, i.e., the additional tariffs imposed on the Chinese imports in the first three lists remain 25% until October 15, 2019, subject to further notices from the USTR. The tariff exclusion procedures for the first two tranches were closed last year while an interested party can still file an exclusion for the third tranche products until September 30, 2019. 


For the fourth tranche of Section 301 tariffs, products on List 4A are subject to an additional tariffs of 15% effective on September 1, 2019; meanwhile, the same rate of additional tariffs will be imposed on products on List 4B starting from December 15, 2019, unless an interim truce is reached. The exclusion procedure for Tranche 4 has not been published yet. 


As the trade talks between the US and China are expected to resume in the coming weeks, we will continue to follow tariff and trade actions of both countries, and report back with latest news. 


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