Reaching Higher and Further with Enlightened Leadership

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke on Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Through our continued interaction with our 'global tribe' of members worldwide, there are several key aspects that shine through about their capabilities and success.

Members of our global tribe tend to be highly globally-minded and 'enlightened'. That includes advanced lifestyle, business and leadership capabilities and aspirations. Here are some thoughts on what I observe with them in these areas.

These points are also part of our ongoing 'soft skills' development that we touch on through 'League of Extraordinaries', 'Export Circles' and regular events in chapters around the world. We're also building soft skills training to be available to members and their teams in 2020.

Our member companies tend to have executives that have moved past surviving to the stage of thriving. They are smart, capable, flexible, resilient and as I've sometimes said, "able to leap tall buildings in a single bound", ie Super Woman (or Man). They are respectful, thoughtful and aware of the thoughts and feelings of others, not just their own situation.

They tend to be good listeners, time managers and leaders. They seek self-improvement and continued growth for themselves and their business. They are also often involved in supporting their surrounding community as well. 

Global Chamber is NOT involved in politics. We don't support specific candidates. But we are very open to working with political leaders from any party that treats people and business with respect, and that is interested to support trade.

The over-riding interaction we have with elected officials is on trade topics including exporting, importing, investment. Overall we always seek continued progress to lower tariffs, lower non-tariff barriers and making trade easier, overall.

In general we seek members who believe in the basic rights of their employees to live good and productive lives. And carry that through with their leadership behaviors in their companies and beyond.

And while we believe in 'warm introductions' and leveraging connections, we believe in transparent and honest relationships, without corruption. Trade is easier with open and honest companies when corruption is decreased.

The mentoring programs that we're progressing are based on these principals, as well. We look to connect leaders across metros and borders with other leaders who share these aspirational qualities.

Let us know if you'd like to get involved with Global Chamber or any of the enlightened leadership initiatives that we've started and are planning. We've only just begun... because we're global and UNSTOPPABLE!

Doug Bruhnke, Global Chamber®



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