An Important Next Step for Global Chamber Mumbai

Posted by: Aparna Ranadive - Global Chamber Mumbai on Monday, September 30, 2019

Global Chamber Mumbai was pleased to feature a special presentation: "Building Sustainable Global Business and India's New Role in the Partnership". Special thanks to Vinod Bhimrajka and his team at BIG for their sponsorship. Thank you everyone for participating!

We live in an age where the professional world has become boundary-less, and technology has made it possible for businesses to thrive and prosper, across continents, catering to a global audience. In such a world, collaboration, partnerships, alliances and co-existence is the new name of the game. Having said that, building sustainable businesses is the key to that growth. This was the main focus of our panel discussion at the launch, where senior professionals from the Private Equity, Advertising, Media & Entertainment, CSR & Sustainablility, Technology including Artificial Intelligence and Investors, spoke about building sustainable global businesses with a focus on how India can contribute to it, in its renewed avatar. I am excited about this discussion because it touches on all  relevant factors required for local and global business growth.  
Global Chamber® Mumbai, will be focusing on exactly that, and taking initiatives to enable and facilitate business relationships and collaborations, in that exact seamless manner. We hope to be able to grow this chapter by adding meaningful contributions to our members, and the industry at large. The positive changes in the Indian social, economic and political environment, makes it even more encouraging to establish businesses in India, and being the vibrant and financial hub, moreso in Mumbai. It is an opportune time to ride the wave and make the best of the times that are changing!








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