Young Global Leaders Update - China, Greece, Mexico and More

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Thursday, October 10, 2019

Global Chamber® is continually inspired by our young members that are making a big difference in Global Business.

For this Globinar, we had the opportunity to chat with a few of them around the world to learn more about what a Young Entrepreneur faces when doing business internationally.

These leaders are based in China, Greece, Mexico, the Middle East and Puerto Rico.

Listen to the discussion HERE.

The leaders are:

  • Abdelhak Benkerroum -  Founder and Director of Eastheimer Trining and Consulting

  • Katerina Karakehagia - CEO of Settemari Trading

  • Arturo Herrera - COO and Co-Founder of RO Solutions
  • Fatina "Tina" Sweis - Founder at OWA (Overachieving Women Association)

  • Ricardo Rivera  - CEO of Insight Premium Travel

As an entrepreneur have you found yourself doing things for free and getting little or no other value from it? We all have! So one of our favorite quotes from the discussion was from Ricardo, pictured. "If you're good at something, never do it for free."


Abdelhak Benkerroum - Founder and Director of Eastheimer Training and Consulting - Abdel is the author of the book “We Have A Deal”, a visiting professor at EMLYON and East China Normal University, the Founder & Director of Eastheimer Training and Consulting, and Global Advisor to the Global Chamber Shanghai. He is based in Shanghai, China and serve clients across the globe. During his career in supply chain and international trade, Abdel coached business development teams, led complex legal negotiations, aligned executives, built account management teams across various regions, drove service improvements at different branch offices, and established operational processes in several branch offices in Europe, Middle-East, Africa, and India Region. He is native speaker of English, French, Arabic, and Berber, and has a good understanding of Spanish and Chinese. A graduate of Texas A&M University with a Masters in International Business, and of Marseille School of Business (KEDGE) with a Masters degree in Corporate Strategy. Also a former scholar of Confucius Institute at University of Dubai.

Katerina Karakehagia - CEO of Settemari Trading - Greek entrepreneur with over fifteen years of international professional experience. Founder and CEO of SetteMari Trading LTD., a Cyprus based trading company specializing in import and export of gourmet products. Distributor of the US made Kadaks fuel additive and a range of other products for industrial and home use. Looking to expand business internationally sourcing local products for export and to bring Greek and Cypriot products in new markets. Looking to establish a network of trusted professionals with whom to establish working partnerships. Currently developing a massive culinary tourism related mobile app and seeking translators, consultants, and network engineers to collaborate on the project.

Arturo Herrera - COO and Co-Founder of RO SolutionsMechatronics Engineer from Tecnológico de Monterrey. Arturo is passionate about technology and innovation in every way. He worked as an innovation consultant for two years for international projects in manufacturing companies with presence in Sonora. Then he joined two friends to start a programming services company they called RO Solutions. They started working with small projects and little by little they grew until they arrived with companies of national and international presence. Within just 2 years of operation at RO Solutions, they decided to start exploring the international market in Arizona, United States and created Necodex LLC, a company focused on software project development services and Nearshore services. In the 3 years of operation of RO Solutions they went from being a group of friends in a friend's garage to an international company with more than 16 employees.

Fatina "Tina" Sweis - Founder at OWA (Overachieving Women Association). Tina holds an MA in American Studies and has served in a variety of roles, most notably as Youth Advisor for the Prime Minister of Jordan.  She believes that every successful partnership starts when you pair an individual’s passion and skills with an environment that is ideal for their growth. Centered around her clients’ needs, Tina ensures that she matches each project with a set of goals that emerge from within a subjects needs to excel and be appreciated, whether it’s directing youth engagement programs, creating new business models and developing creative curriculum. Her dearest Co-Founded Initiatives are NewThink Theatre-Festival and EduArt.

Ricardo Rivera  - CEO of Insight Premium Travel. An entrepreneur and travel enabler, Ricardo has combined his vast knowledge in collaboration technology acquired over the last 10 years within the technology consulting industry, with his passion for travel and culture exploration. While consulting within the technology industry, Ricardo has founded a Global Travel Loyalty Program Consulting Company called Insight Premium Travel and a midwest United States Employment Agency called Rapid Sourcing Group in the last three years. Ricardo is a firm believer of finding your next business venture within the things you love and are already good at.




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