Grow Globally with Lower Investment and Risk with Global Chamber and Globig

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Friday, November 1, 2019

Global Chamber® welcomes Globig as a key collaborator, worldwide. We are focused on surrounding our members with the best and the brightest for their global growth, and this collaboration fits that requirement, hand in glove.

This new collaboration brings together two organizations with a common mission to connect and grow international businesses in an increasingly complex, interconnected world. 

Globig is a leading international business marketplace with over 3,500 members. For them this new collaboration means that they can access membership and other resources at Global Chamber® with a discount. Login to the Globig portal and receive the VIP code to receive the discount, and then plug in to the resources you need to more effectively export, import, invest and trade across metros and borders.

Welcome to the global tribe!

For our members this collaboration means enhanced and discounted services from Globig. Globig has developed capabilities in key areas of compliance at a time when global data management has become critically important for every firm doing international business.

There are value-adding services by Globig that our members gain 20% off for... including corporate workshops. Members also receive 10% off a 3-Month Starter Package for Global Demand Generation. Please use GlobalChamberVIP2019 as the code and contact Globig HERE.

If you have questions and require any assistance along the way, please contact us at




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