Japan Market Opportunities and Success Techniques

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Monday, November 4, 2019

We spoke with top experts on market opportunities in Japan and how to be successful in your business ventures there. The program was live at Squire Patton Boggs in Palo Alto, California.

Dominic Carter of The Carter Group (Tokyo) was visiting. A special thank you to Dominic for sharing his expertise as the kickoff speaker.

This is essential information for any company thinking about growing in Japan! Following Dominic was Kirsty Wilkinson of Global Chamber Melbourne and Asia Market Makers.

This was REALLY good!! Members check out the outstanding discussion HERE.

Each speaker provided outstanding perspectives on the Japanese market and what are the opportunities there right now. Do not miss this recording if you were not able to attend live! Special thanks to David Saltzman for hosting in Palo Alto!

These kind of discussions are continuous reminders that our members are amazing! And that we can help each other succeed anywhere in the world. We are inspired by capabilities... thank you, all!

There were a number of questions answered within the event by Dominic. Since Kirsty's was recorded due to the time difference, she only participated in the after-event questions. We ran out of time for questions and had these left over.

1. What market barriers an alcoholic beverage faces entering the Japanese market?
Firstly, it’s really important to choose products that are going to sell in the market and consider Japanese consumption patterns. There’s no point pushing products that aren’t going to sell. Also having a unique story behind your business and products is crucial. Having an understanding of the Japanese culture and way of doing business is important. It’s a very broad topic and choosing the right partner is crucial for this. 
2. Is language (Japanese) a barrier when applying for a working visa?
Language won’t be a barrier for applying for a working visa. 
It depends on the visa they are applying for. It’s always best to seek professional advice. 
3. What do the presenters think about the possibilities of medical tourism from Japan into Mexico?   
In terms of medical tourism to Mexico, because Japanese are generally highly risk-averse, I believe there would need to be a trust-building strategy put in place first before Japanese will be open to the idea. Some exploratory, qualitative research would guide how to do this and how to tell the story of Mexico as such a destination successfully.  

Speaker Biographies

Dominic Carter - President and CEO of Carter Associates (Carter JMRN). A double major graduate in marketing and Japanese studies from the University of New South Wales, Dominic has worked in the market research industry in Australia, Japan and the Asian region for over 20 years. After launching Millward Brown’s business in Tokyo in the mid-nineties, he then founded Carter Associates (now CarterJMRN) in 2004. He is highly experienced in cultural adaptation as well as brand and communications strategy, and has led a wide range of qualitative and quantitative projects covering customer needs, segmentation, and digital strategy. Carter has addressed international marketing and business development audiences in the U.S., Japan, and Australia. 


Kirsty Wilkinson - Deputy Director for Global Chamber® Melbourne & Principal/Founder of Asia Market Makers. Kirsty founded Asia Market Makers six years ago to help businesses wanting to export to Japan, teach Japanese language and culture and empower translators and interpreters with the right skill set for their businesses to flourish. Originally from Whyalla, Kirsty has lived in Melbourne for over 14 years after returning from London and is committed to helping companies be more global and successful with a focus on Japan, UK, Europe and the U.S. She has lived in 3 Australian States and 3 countries (UK, Japan and Indonesia), and travelled extensively. She has a BA (Advanced Japanese) and BBus (International Trade) from Monash University. She serves on the boards of Global Chamber® Melbourne and South Vermont Lions Club. She is a member of Golden Key International Honours Society and Lions Club of South Vermont. Her past affiliations include BHP Billiton, Allied Domecq Wine, Holden and Shell.






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