GetGlobal 2019 Plants an Important Global Footprint in Long Beach

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Friday, November 8, 2019

Well over half of success is just showing up. I've heard some say it's 90% of success! That may be true, and if so, there are over 1000 people who are interested in global business who are going to have great success in the coming year!

Thank you to the global tribe for showing up! Thank you to the host with the most... Julian Leuthold... for again pulling off the impossible, with an event for the ages.

Global Chamber® was pleased to once again be a supporter for the event, which we've done since the beginning four years ago.

Special recognition to Global Chamber® members Safeguard Global & Creditsafe for all your hard work throughout the days. How many meetings did Carol Mello of Safeguard host?

The title of this year's program was "Navigating Opportunity, Risk and Competition in Global Business". That's a topic that our members know very well! It always helps to get together to discuss the various topics related to these areas.

At GetGlobal at any given time there were 3 different tracks going on for the two days with over 100 speakers. There was a main stage, break out rooms and roundtables... all ably handled by the facility near the Long Beach Convention Center.

One of the most impressive discussions was a roundtable on growing business internationally, which had an overflow group of attendees. Those from Global Chamber® in attendance included Todd Cornell, Executive Director of Global Chamber® Northern Colorado. Those of you who met Todd recognize that in addition to his general global business knowledge, he has DEEP expertise with business in China. He has lived over 20 years in China and speaks fluently. He operates a cross-cultural firm called Cultur668.

We do our best to help our members grow globally, and we love partnering with the globally-minded leaders at GetGlobal to expand the reach of each organization and help our members, and participants, to find new solutions and opportunities.

Be global and UNSTOPPABLE! In between events we encourage participants to join Global Chamber® to officially be in the global tribe, stay in touch with global business opportunities and receive warm introductions to leaders to grow your business.

Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber®

ps... if you're in California, please check out our 4 chapters, or just reach out anytime, anywhere. When you're a member of Global Chamber® anywhere, you're a member everywhere... 525 metros, 195 countries.

pps... Regarding the photos above and below... first, above - a photo post-meeting between JETRO and Global Chamber®... second, below - a downtown shot of beautiful Long Beach, first-time host for the event... third, further below - a shot of that excellent roundtable mentioned above and finally the very global Kanak Tandon - who shared her Thunderbird School of Global Management experience with us. Kanak and her husband both quit their jobs and moved to Arizona to go through the Global MBA program at Thunderbird together... with a 4 year child. She is a walking/talking testimonial for Thunderbird... she spoke glowingly about their shared experience.

ppps... If you're interested in expanding your global knowledge, definitely take a look at these new Thunderbird programs HERE.






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