Business Success for Traders, Investors and Global Services

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Friday, November 29, 2019
Global Chamber® is a unique, growing and collaborating community of CEOs, executives and leaders in 525 metro regions around the world... everywhere... focused on growing business.
We're the ONLY organization in the world with hundreds of locations that focuses on the success of exporters, importers and investors from anywhere by helping them grow through warm connections.
This is our daily passion and joy... connecting members to new opportunities!
Here are some typical and recent examples to give you an idea of how it works.
1) New business for exporters. GlobalMed is a long-time member that keeps being successful because they have a strong telemedicine offering and they're opening doors around the world with our help. Some of their success is documented HERE in a blog. We have introduced them to country contacts worldwide. In 2019 they rolled out in Argentina with Meditar, the top healthcare service provider who we had introduced them to, also a member. GlobalMed (Joel Barthelemy, left with Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego, 2nd from right) won 2019 Exporter of the Year from Phoenix Sister Cities... nominated by Global Chamber® and selected by the Mayor. This is what we do... support and celebrate! By the way, second from the left is Melissa Sanderson, VP of International for Freeport McMoran... another nominee by us and another winner!
2) Cross border investment. Another example of how we help increase member success is in the investment area, connecting investors to new opportunities within regions and across borders. A recent example that we can't quite talk about specifically is a large Asian organization that was looking for some types of firms in North America to invest in. They gave us the criteria and we ended up among the warm introductions introducing them to a member who was able to connect them with a firm that has many interesting patents but limited operations, something that the investor could help with... a perfect fit. They ended up purchasing them, and that investment is moving forward, quietly and strongly. The investor came back to us with some specific next requirements... which we're helping with right now. We help investors... larger and small.
3) Global services across metros and borders. We have been part of thousands of successes for service providers, also big and small. Our signature League of Extraordinaries meetings are an easy way our members connect and create new business referrals to exporters, importers and investors, sharing contacts and creating new business. An example is member firm ROI in Montreal that has an AI tech product called Gazelle that we have directly introduced to several members. ROI has received multiple sales of their technology to assist other members to more effectively find clients. We get globally-minded service providers together every day, and good things happen. Whether you're an exporter, importer, trader, investor or service provider... we find ways to connect and collaborate, warmly, to grow business.
Because all of us like to do business with people that we know, or that are known by people that we know and trust.
As we grow in 525 metros worldwide, doubling in size again in 2019, we're also growing our connectivity capabilities. If you're a member, stay in touch with us, and let's keep making global business easier, some day as easy as doing business down the street.
If you're not yet a member, we welcome a conversation. It's easy! And it's getting easier.
We are intensely grateful to all our members for supporting us in our first few years. For many members like GlobalMed, this took faith that we could help, and we are pleased that we have their support, and the support of a growing global tribe. Thank you!
Let's grow! Be global and UNSTOPPABLE!
Doug Bruhnke, founder/CEO of Global Chamber®


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