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Posted by: Cesar Trabanco on Wednesday, January 1, 2020

As the VP of Business Services at Global Chamber®, I have the honor and pleasure to lead our ongoing and growing efforts to connect members across metros and borders with new opportunities and trusted resources as they expand business worldwide. Connecting the right people at the right time is an essential part of growth, especially with new investors, new clients and new partnerships.

Even when you don't plan to go global right now, fostering cross metro and cross border relationships allow you to have mature and trusted connections for when you are ready to expand. That makes things easier for you and your team when you're ready, including lowering risk.

So we ask each member... Who would you like to meet this year? Where are your ideal connections located? What help do you need this year and in the next few years?

Our global tribe is a timely, proactive and especially helpful supplement to the network that you and your team have already. You'll be positively impressed with who we know. And we'll plug you in... it's easy!

There are three main ways in which we start making these connections.

1) Connect through warm email introductions

This is the easiest way of connecting and it happens every day within our Global Chamber® global tribe. Our worldwide business network includes our members PLUS an additional 30 million people around the world, most of whom we trust, or at least have some information on. And so when members ask for help, we'll get them connected to the right people via email in a direct, warm and personal way.

As a recent example, a member firm in Montreal, Canada that offers artificial intelligence solutions for service providers closed two deals with other member companies in another country, and two more deals are pending. All those started with a conversation and an email introduction. Last month that member decided to renew their membership and in fact they're upgrading to gain even more exposure and introductions.

Ask me how that upgrade works! We'll be happy to help with either a standard or a super-connecting package!

2) Connect through local and virtual, cross-metro events.

We hold focused, local business events in metro communities around the world, and we're growing to be able to hold these everywhere! This is a more traditional but still effective way to connect with relevant parties and prospective clients. Global Chamber® chapters host events in their local area and our local and global teams go out of our way to connect attending members with the right people there, not just let them sink or swim alone in a big meeting... even though our members are typically great swimmers!

We're always looking to simplify and accelerate the connecting and growth process.

A recent success story is a Mexico-based tech firm that within weeks of their signing up with Global Chamber® was able to show their products to public officials across the border in the U.S., resulting in one sale, and setting the stage for more.

Since our scope and reach is across metros and global, we are uniquely qualified to help members meet key people virtually across metros and borders. You can spend 30 years traveling the world and meeting people, and you'll still have a very small fraction of the people you need to know for optimum success. Our most successful members use both their own and our network to reach across the divide between regions.

It's not a weakness to partially rely on our global tribe for growth connections... it's smart, savvy and productive.

A recent ongoing success story is our regular signature meeting called Virtual League of Extraordinaries (LoE), a 1-hour members-only happening that allows attendees to interact with fellow business leaders around the globe - see the first photo below. The idea for LoE goes back years and we've been doing them locally that way, and now in the past year we've been organizing these virtually every month, and they have made a difference for many members. Our next event is January 24th... members only.

Considering meetings and events, we are now doing seminars and webinars up to 2 or 3 times a week, creating more ways to connect... either as a speaker, or to the speakers who are based all over the world, working in every market segment. 

3) Connect as you and your team travel to new markets.

For executive planning trips to potential new markets in 2020, we encourage you to reach out to both your own network AND ours to see what additional connections can be made there, ahead of the trip. WORD OF ADVICE... let us know ideally a few weeks ahead!

We frequently have the chance to connect members this way, and it often starts a business relationship. Some recent examples including a CEO traveling to Hong Kong and Japan, and our making connections that resulted in meeting and business. Also... consider the French member who connected with our chapter leader from Niger, a Colombian expert in security meeting with our team in the UK and a Mexican lawyer touring with an advisor in Spain... making additional connections for future business. See the photos below for some recent examples.

Personally, I had the chance this year to connect in person with our Global Chamber® team in Lima, Peru. During my visit, we met with a member from the U.S. that had already benefited from connections in Latin America through our efforts. Then I had the honor to host two members in Puerto Rico - my home base), connecting them with local opportunities. 

How do you plan to grow in 2020?

More than likely it includes new clients and new markets... and we encourage you to make it a little easier on you and your team, and connect with our team in 525 metros around the world... everywhere!

Happy New Year! Happy 2020!

Let's grow! Let's progress! Let's succeed!

Cesar Trabanco - Global Chamber® HQ




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