Tariff Watch Update (26th Edition) 关税观察更新 (第26期)

Posted by: Mark Heusel - Dickinson Wright on Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Tariff Watch Update (26th Edition)

关税观察更新 (第26期)

While the world holds its breath on what is actually inside the “Phase One Trade Agreement” scheduled to be signed in Washington, D.C. on January 15, work at the USTR’s office continues on the vast majority of products subject to the original tariffs. Before we get lost in the shuffle of a more complicated discussion over the Phase One Agreement, we wanted to bring to your attention some recent developments at the USTR’s office since the start of the new year. 


Last week, the office of USTR announced its decision to consider extending particular exclusions granted in March 2019 for an additional period not to exceed twelve months. The possible extensions apply only to exclusions granted as of March 2019. This second round of exclusions, which included 33 Chinese products from List 1 of Section 301 Tariffs, took effect on March 25, 2019, and are set to expire on March 25, 2020. To view the product list for exclusions granted on March 25, 2019, please click here. At this time, USTR is not considering extensions on exclusions granted under any other rounds of product exclusions. The procedures for an interest party to submit a comment favoring or opposing specific tariff exclusions remain the same with the ones for the first round of extension as we summarized in details in our previous client alert. Please click here to view detailed procedures to submit a comment. The period for submitting comments will run from January 15, 2020 to February 15, 2020. If your products are part of the second round of exclusions granted on March 25, 2019 and you would like to extend your exclusions for one more year, it is time to begin preparing the extension request.

 上周,美国贸易代表办公室宣布其考虑将在2019年3月获得关税豁免的特定产品的豁免决定延长不超过12个月。此次可能的延期仅适用于2019年3月授予的豁免决定。此批豁免决定包括了301条款关税清单1中的33个中国产品,豁免决定于2019年3月25日生效,并将于2020年3月25日到期。请单击此处,查看2019年3月25 日授予关税豁免的产品列表。目前,美国贸易代表办公室不考虑对任何其他批次授予的产品关税豁免决定进行延期。利益相关方提交赞成或反对延长特定关税豁免评论的程序与我们在前一期的客户警示中详细概述的第一轮延期的程序相同。请单击此处查看提交评论的详细步骤。提交评论的期限为2020年1月15日至2020年2月15日。如果您的产品属于2019年3月25日授予的关税豁免决定的一部分,并且您希望将获得的关税豁免批准延长一年,您现在可以开始准备延长请求。

In addition, the office of USTR announced in the Federal Register that an additional 68 Chinese products were granted exclusions from the 25% additional tariff tranche, including car alternators (8511.50.0000), ventilation fans for motor vehicles (8414.59.6540), lubricating pumps for internal combustion piston engines (8413.30.9060), alarms to be installed on the motor vehicles (8512.30.0040), etc. This round of exclusions is the seventh round of exclusions granted for Chinese products under the third tranche of Section 301 Tariffs and is the first announced since the US and China reached an early stage trade agreement. The Phase One Agreement, according to a U.S. President's tweet this week, is scheduled to be signed by the parties on January 15, 2020, at the White House, where high level representatives of China will also be present. The U.S. administration also indicated that the U.S. President would visit Beijing at a later date for Phase Two negotiations. 

此外,美国贸易代表办公室在《联邦纪事》中宣布,301条款关税第三清单下的68种中国产品成功获得关税豁免,包括汽车交流发电机(8511.50.0000), 机动车通风风扇(8414.59.6540), 内燃机活塞润滑油泵(8413.30.9060), 安装于汽车上的警报器(8512.30.0040) 等。本轮豁免是301条款关税第三批次下对中国产品公布的第七轮豁免,也是自中美达成早期贸易协议以来的宣布的第一次豁免批准。根据特朗普总统本周的推文,第一阶段协议定于2020年1月15日由双方在白宫签署,中国高层代表也将出席。 特朗普还表示,他将稍后访问北京进行第二阶段谈判。

As always, we will continue to follow USTR's action towards the Section 301 tariffs and report back when more news is coming. We will also keep a close watch on the progress of the phase one trade agreement between the US and China. In the meanwhile, the Dickinson Wright China Team is available to help you prepare and submit an extension request. Please contact us to get started. 


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