Tips on Exporting in 2020 by Carol May of Wisdom Natural Brands

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Tuesday, January 28, 2020

It's 2020! Is your business ready for the next level of success with exporting in the new year? The global market is changing and so are the opportunities for your business to grow internationally. We hosted several year-start conversations to share information on changing markets.

And in addition we're sharing tips on creating more success in 2020!

Hear more on the latest outlook for export markets and ways to be ready for more success. Listen in to this first discussion with Carol May, Chairman of the Board at Wisdom Natural Brands HERE.

Take the time to click above and hear more. Carol goes through a complete review of things to consider when you're exporting that takes into account her experience and that accumulated from over 30 years of exporting around the world.

Carol covers the following areas to improve your export experiences...

  1. Doing market research.
  2. Considering e-commerce.
  3. Evaluating and updating your business plan.
  4. Finding and retaining professional resources... logistics, banking, finance, legal, accounting, regulatory, compliance, etc.
  5. Having a solid international pricing plan.
  6. Creating relationships in growing markets.
  7. Being well-capitalized including access to working capital.
  8. Learning from mistakes with a process for improvement.

Carol May is Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at Wisdom Natural Brands. Overseeing global strategy, operations, finance, marketing, branding, distribution, and new product development, Carol has been integral in moving Wisdom Natural Brands from a small company to a multi-million-dollar international brand competing with the world’s largest companies in the rapidly growing natural and specialty food industries.

Wisdom Natural Brands does business in more than 30 countries and throughout the U.S. Their primary product SweetLeaf is the No. 1 sugar alternative sweetener in natural and health food stores and No. 2 in mainstream grocery stores. Continually at the forefront of innovation, Wisdom Natural Brands and SweetLeaf are industry leaders credited with establishing stevia as a mainstream product in the U.S. Under May’s direction, the company continues to develop groundbreaking products which deliver on its mission of making the world a sweeter place.



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