Around the World Tips on International Franchising

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Friday, February 28, 2020

Are you interested in taking your franchise globally?

Or are you interested in investing in a franchise somewhere around the world?

Franchising is a great way to expand your business globally. And it also can be an outstanding investment. Join us to learn more on the different steps to take for a global franchise plan and be more aware of successful franchises.

We assembled an all-star team of franchise industry leaders to help others in their global expansion. Click this link HERE for the recording.

Andrew Jonelis kicked things and told us more about the franchise Health Optimizing. In addition he shared success tips on creating and executing a growth plan, including keeping communications to key stakeholders far ahead - at least 6 months ahead of milestones, and acquiring letters of intent (LOIs) as early as possible to give investors time to pull their funding together.

Luis Vidal discussed their unique operating model for the franchise Caliburger in Mexico and Latin America. Of course the highlight was 'Flippy' the burger flipper, automated and AI-equipped robotics to take the drudgery out and increase the safety, consistency and flavor.

Chuck Kim is right on top of the latest marketing techniques to help companies enter new markets, especially franchises. Chuck discussed how marketing can be built into the operating documents to assist with new franchisees being more successful.

Maimun Mustafa has first hand experience with multiple franchises across continents, and he laid out a framework for franchising success. Listen to Maimun and all our speakers, and the Q&A!


  • Andrew Jonelis - Franchise Director at Health Optimizing & Senior Partner & Country Director at Francorp Baltic
  • Luis Vidal - Founding Partner at CaliMex
  • Charles Kim - COO at Executive Digital
  • Maimun Ur Rashid Mustafa - CEO at Amzo Global Enterprises; Executive Director at Global Chamber® Barisal

Speaker Bios

Andrew Jonelis - Franchise Director at Health Optimizing and Senior Partner & Country Director for Francorp Baltic (part of Francorp – USA Company, the acknowledged global leader of franchising). Andrew Jonelis, born in Lithuania, Europe, holds two Master’s degrees: in Law and International Business & Marketing. In years and before starting as the Franchise Director in Health Optimizing Ltd., Andrew has gained extensive international experience in franchise strategic consulting, franchise marketing and sales, operations, and other areas by consulting and representing businesses in world’s top franchising events and exhibitions globally and helping his clients to expand their businesses on an international scale.


Luis Vidal - Founding Partner at CaliMex. Luis is a global business leader with international experience and an interdisciplinary background including business development, real estate, entrepreneurship, technology, and franchising. Luis is engaged in business development in emerging global markets. Luis has an MBA in Global Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management.




Charles Kim, COO at Executive Digital. Charles has operated digital fulfillment teams for over 10 years for Fortune 500 Corps. After witnessing the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to digital marketing companies, Executive Digital was created to bring transparency and quality results to business owners across the globe

Executive Digital creates and implements strategies to help brands thrive in today's digital ecosystem. Building brand equity and driving targeted visibility in a highly competitive digital marketing landscape.




Maimun Ur Rashid Mustafa - CEO at Amzo Global Enterprises; Executive Director at Global Chamber® Barisal. As the Global CEO of a mutlinational conglomerate having direct operations in the US, India, Pakistan, Malaysia and Bangladesh, this third generation entrepreneur leads new investment, communication and technology opportunities. Maimun have been associated with trade and business associations for the majority of his career, most notably, holding top tier positions in Italy Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Indonesia Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Global Chamber® Barisal (Bangladesh). Additionally, he has has managed numerous transformational processes of CSOs to transition them to more sustainable social enterprise models.


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