US-Africa Trade Conference by USAID

Posted by: Mi Jeong Hibbitts - Global Chamber Baltimore/Washington on Monday, March 2, 2020

Leaders from public and private sectors in both the US and Africa discussed ways to foster trade and commercial ties between these two worlds at a trade event held by USAID at the Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD in February. Global Chamber® Baltimore/Washington was pleased to attend and support the event. Congratulations USAID and everyone!

A backdrop of the enthusiasm for increased trade between US and Africa has been the launch of the US administration's signature Africa initiative, Prosper Africa plus the launch of the US International Development Finance Corporation (IDFC) with a $60 billion budget. 

Africa presents significant opportunities for American businesses of all sizes as the emerging market boasts over one billion consumers with a strong appetite for innovative products and services from the US. Also, with six of the ten fastest-growing economies in the world, Africa wants more access to trade and investment opportunities from the US that would enable economic growth and create jobs in their region.

With trusted connections in over 525 metropolitan areas around the globe - everywhere - Global Chamber is positioned to provide warm and meaningful connections to businesses seeking faster growth with less risk across regional and country borders.

Sincerely, Mi Jeong Hibbitts

Executive Director, Global Chamber® Baltimore/Washington

Photo 4-1) US Africa, Ambassador of the Republic of the Mozambique (above)

Photo 4-2) Chriss Portella, General Akissi Fondation (first one below)

Photo 4-3) The US-Africa Trade Conference (second one below)

Final Photo: Event information.








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