Facing Down Corona Virus to Grow Your Business

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Tuesday, March 3, 2020

There's no escaping corona virus because either it's in your region now or later. So we recommend taking specific precautions AND making preemptive business development adjustments to overcome in person meeting limitations. Our primary services with warm introductions support a more virtual connection process these next few months.

The cancellation of SXSW along with many other meetings and events are a daily reminder that connecting to people will be more and more difficult in the months ahead. Alternatives business development approaches are required, and we can help.

Our global tribe is well positioned to weather the storm because most of us already live in a semi-virtual world of communication. When warm introductions happen between people, the next steps often involve virtual meeting because there's already some level of trust well above a cold introduction. We're less likely to need extensive face-to-face meetings because we've met through those trusted channels. The added warmth facilitates the process.

Our partnership with Gazelle.ai (link) allows us to use artificial intelligence in the lead gen process as well. When combined with our warm introduction techniques, the new process allows members to connect and zoom together via virtual handshakes. This reduces the chance of any employee contracting the virus or getting quarantined on the return home.

Warmth PLUS AI equals MAGIC. Let's use this combination to work through this crisis, to keep growing. We have three main ways to help.

1) Helping members connect through warm (email) introductions

These happen every day within Global Chamber®. We're ready for you! Our worldwide business network includes 30 million people around the world, most of whom we trust, or at least have solid information on. Those personal connections almost always result in a conversation, often virtually via zoom or similar technology, reducing risk at the early stages.

2) Helping members connect through virtual cross-metro events.

We hold focused business events in metro communities around the world, and many of these are actually virtual across metros, again via zoom and other connecting technologies. We're always looking to simplify and accelerate the connecting and growth process. You'll see several seminars and webinars on our calendar every week, creating more ways to learn and connect.

3) Helping members connect on virtual trips to new markets.

For executives planning trips to potential new markets in 2020, we encourage you to reach out to us to see what additional connections we can make in your target. The ground work can often be done virtually. We frequently have the chance to connect members this way, and we're building more capabilities to help more members in 2020.

in conclusion... don't let corona virus ruin your year. Take steps now through your membership in Global Chamber® to adjust. We're ready to lighten the load and make it a little easier to grow through these challenging times... in 525 metros... everywhere!

We're a cost effective way to handle the current situation while continuing to grow.

Next Steps

  1. Members: Reach out to us for warm introductions!
  2. Non-members; Join Global Chamber® for warm introductions! Click here OR contact us.
  3. Everyone: Don't forget local businesses - restaurants, stores, products and services! Keep buying. Also don't feel afraid to drop handshakes in favor of foot or fist bumps. And wash your hands A LOT! Please do adjust, and let's keep growing!

Doug Bruhnke - founder/CEO of Global Chamber®




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