New Contacts for Supplies and Business with the US Government FEMA, CBP

Posted by: Fernando Jimenez - U.S. Commercial Service on Saturday, March 28, 2020

We've already directed many companies in to the U.S. government groups that are receiving supplies. This post is to further assist with connections to Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA. 

Here are a variety of links to FEMA that you may find useful to connect your company or others regarding medical and other supplies. FEMA has established a website HERE with more information. 

  • To sell medical supplies or equipment to the federal government, please email specifics to
  • If you have medical supplies or equipment to donate, please provide the details HERE on what you are offering.
  • If you are a private company that wants to produce a product related to the COVID response – email HERE.
  • If you are a hospital or company in need of medical supplies, contact your state Department of Public Health and Emergency Management.
  • For non-medical supplies, services or equipment and doing business with FEMA, visit the Industry Liaison Program. HERE
  • For additional information please visit FEMA’s website HERE.

Additionally for US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has established an email address HERE where they will accept private sector inquiries.  Companies can use this email address to inquire about general matters or specific shipments. This single intake is used by CBP to get definitive answers based on coordination with ports of entry, HQ trade offices, etc.  

Fernando Jimenez - U.S. Commercial Service

ps... You may also link to the Global Chamber COVID-19 Resource Page HERE.




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