Export League Announced for Metro Phoenix 2Q2020

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Thursday, April 2, 2020

Global Chamber® is pushing forward, no stopping except in-person! Virtual is here for a while.

Thank you to City of Phoenix for partnering with us on a new virtual program for exporters that helps these exporters reach new clients in new markets. The program is called Export League, and all firms with an ability to export products or services from Arizona are eligible.

All exporters in Phoenix, in metro Phoenix and the state of Arizona should apply. There's nothing to lose... even those who present and are not selected get a couple warm introductions and access to the region's and state's best exporting resources.

The twelve selected exporters gain even more as our team facilitates warm introductions to prospective clients, with the goal of new quotes and business. There's no down time... we need to keep leaning and moving forward, because post-COVID19 is going to be extra busy!

Apply today to present virtually on April 22, April 30 or May 8, and be ready to connect with new opportunities in May and June.

Welcome to Export League! Apply HERE.


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