Tips on Cost-Effective Options for COVID-19 Masks

Posted by: Christian Aguirre - Global Chamber Hermosillo on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Through this blog post I hope to inform the Global Chamber® worldwide "global tribe" community about economically viable alternatives to make mouth covers and high-efficiency filters to incorporate them into fabric mouth covers and washable materials.

A few days ago, Business Insider magazine published an article about how towels called "Blue Shop Towels" can be one of the best materials available to the public for making masks due to their filtering capacity of close to 95%, which resembles the mask type N95. Read more.

UPDATED: On April 13th a second article came out sharing instructions on how to make face masks, here.

Here is access to a PDF document with instructions, here.

Some solutions using this material can be:

1) Washable Cloth Masks with Filter Pocket. Cloth masks with filter pocket allow you to change the filter. The initial investment would be the mask itself that can be made at home or purchased as long as it has a design with an inner bag that allows you to change the filter. The mask can have an initial cost of US$1 to US$5, or less, with each filter only about 2 cents each. Watch the video.

2) Masks Directly from “Blue Shop Towels”. This is another option, but less viable in the long term and for the ecology, since the mask will be disposable for single use only, and occupies a full sheet of material, costing 4 to 6 cents. Masks can be made using a pair of rubber bands, the material sheet, and staples. Also it can be sewed, but that takes more time. Watch the sewing process here. And no sewing here.

3) Masks from Cutting the “Blue Shop Towels” into 4 Parts. These can be inserted into the common 2 or 3-sheet masks by adding a filter every time. Therefore it can be an economic and effective alternative that represents an approximate cost of 30 to 60 cents MXN. Masks may also be created using HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. Watch here.

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