Radiant Logistics and Project Airbridge: Moving Medical Supplies for COVID-19

Posted by: JP Deenihan - Radiant Logistics on Monday, April 20, 2020

With challenges around the globe related to the pandemic and surrounding the fight against COVID-19, Radiant Logistics Inc has been actively engaged in Project Airbridge, the public-private partnership with charter flights and health care distributors coordinated by the White House and FEMA.

To date, Radiant has successfully completed over a dozen charters for the project, originating in both China and Malaysia and containing medical supplies for the United States.

Thus far over 2.2 million pounds of medical supplies that include stethoscopes, face masks, N95 masks, surgical gloves, thermometers, oximeters and gowns have been moved on these vital missions. A number of additional charters are slated for the coming days and weeks in order to continue this important momentum.

“Radiant is grateful to serve our nation during this time of need. While the capacity demand out of China is at the highest levels I’ve seen in quite some time, we are well positioned with excellent global strategic partners and carriers offering charter, part charter and blocked allocated space on aircraft,” says Randy Briggs, Radiant’s VP of International Services.

“It’s been an honor to work alongside some of the finest and most dedicated and knowledgeable people in our industry. What is normally a highly competitive business has shifted to a focused and collaborative effort. We are all operating with a common goal: to save American lives. I am proud of our team and can confidently say Radiant truly is the network that delivers.”

JP Deenihan - Director of Marketing & Communications, Radiant Logistics

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