Recap Reach New Markets with E-Commerce

Posted by: Yvonne Luker - Global Chamber on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Use the latest technologies and marketing techniques to export your products and reach new markets via e-commerce.

Learn from experts on this topic to evaluate e-commerce, and implement an initiative to reach people and businesses via the web. We held two sessions with 5 expert speakers.

Watch the part 1 discussion HERE.

We held a part 2 discussion with one carryover person and two new people. Watch that here.

Isaiah Bollinger of Trellis shared tips on e-commerce for businesses in a variety of segments. Under today's conditions with covid-19 restrictions, the one clear way to reach people is through e-commerce.

Vinay Kulkarni of ALCHMI discussed how companies should rethink their business, and in making changes, update the brand and marketing to optimize targeted reach. In the part 2 (2nd link above) Vinay spoke about the technologies you can use in your next steps, along with the nuts and bolts of getting started, and well through implementation.

Dr. Jagat Shah explained about listening to buyer behavior and shared a variety of examples of e-commerce, including Blue Nile, Kookoo towels, personalize doormats and auto parts.

Catherine Juon of 87plus shared ideas for organizing and managing your business through EOS.

Bill Sweetman of Name Ninja shared helpful tips on finding and managing your domain names.

Each of our experts discussed how legacy thinking and systems can get in the way, and that it's recommended to set someone in charge of e-commerce projects to hold them accountable.

Finally Dr. Shah also shared a strategic framework to consider during implementation, including understanding your core purpose, being authentic, creating a unique offering and service, building a special service experience and personalizing your approach.

Some of our topics...

  • Which technology to choose? What platform?
  • How do I do the peripheral marketing to grow my business?
  • Similarly, how do I drive traffic to my business?
  • Get TRACTION: Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process & Traction
  • What newer technology 'bells and whistles' should we consider?
  • How can artificial intelligence support our growth?
  • How do I create a proactive, offensive domain name strategy?
  • How do I keep my competitors off guard and divert traffic to us?

Agenda - Part I

  • Isaiah Bollinger - CEO & Co-founder at Trellis, "Incorporate E-commerce in Your Business Today"
  • Vinay Kulkarni - Founder & CEO at ALCHMI, "Strengthen Your Brand Presence as You Go Online"
  • Jagat Shah - Founder & CEO at Global Network India and Vibrant Markets, "Time for SMBs to Step Up"

Agenda - Part 2

  • Vinay Kulkarni - Founder & CEO at ALCHMI, "What Technologies Should We Consider?"
  • Catherine Juon - Professional EOS® Implementer at 87plus, "Helping Companies Get Better at Vision and Traction"
  • Bill Sweetman - President of Name Ninja, "Secret Power of Domain Names: Domain Names as Sales and Marketing Tools"

Speaker Bios

Isaiah Bollinger - CEO and Co-founder at Trellis. Isaiah co-founded Trellis in order to design and develop web experiences that would provide a business, either large or small, a competitive advantage on the Internet. Isaiah has extensive experience managing Magento, WordPress, BigCommerce, Shopify, custom web applications, third party integrations, and many different types of projects or Internet marketing campaigns. Through Isaiah's leadership, Trellis is a one of kind eCommerce solutions agency that is able to offer an entire technology and marketing solution from conception to healthy growth in online sales.

Vinay Kulkarni - founder and CEO of ALCHMI ( ALCHMI is a Bengaluru (India) based company that helps companies in the US, India and other countries to succeed through creative growth strategies, digital marketing and e-commerce. Vinay is known for his ability to think big picture strategy while simultaneously being able to roll up his sleeves and get down deep into the granular details of execution at the ground level. Over the last 20 years, Vinay has worked on every aspect of business (Strategy, Marketing, Sales, HR, Technology, Digital Marketing, Operations and E-commerce) and has gained vast consulting and executive experience having been at the helm of major company turnarounds and post-merger integrations. Vinay’s work has covered various industry sectors including but not limited to Publishing, Transportation & Logistics, Healthcare, Wellness, Beauty, Cosmetics, Pharma and Non-profit.  At present Vinay and Alchmi are focused on helping clients navigate their way towards growth while also opening doors to helping traditional businesses take their business online (technology-based delivery, retail e-commerce etc). Vinay has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mysore, a master’s degree in Systems and Industrial Engineering and an MBA in Marketing and Strategy, both from the University of Arizona.

Dr. Jagat Shah - Founder/CEO of Global Network India and Vibrant Markets. Jagat Shah studied for MBA (International trade) graduating from Delhi University & is a certified cluster development practitioner, trained & certified by United Natins - UNIDO at Turin, Italy. He has additionally graduated in Diamond technology from Indian Diamond Institute (IDI), Surat. He is a certified management consultant (CMC) from ICMCI, USA. In last 23 years of his career, he has worked on international market & investment strategies with Indian, American, Canadian & European companies & governments.  Through his ISO certified economic development agency, he has worked with cluster development approach on Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) competitiveness & poverty elimination with several governments & private sector in 20 countries -  India, USA, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, UAE, Oman, Ras Al Khaimah, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia besides several states in India. He contributes to these efforts from his head office at Ahmedabad in Gujarat - India. He is the Foreign representative of Government of Manitoba, Canada in India for trade & investment since last seven years.

Catherine Juon - Professional EOS® Implementer at 87plus. As an entrepreneur and business owner, Catherine first began implementing EOS® in her own company over a decade ago. Now she's excited to come full circle and serve fellow entrepreneurs as a Professional EOS Implementer. We introducing EOS® in this globinar, and we will come back for a deep dive in an upcoming session. 

Catherine helps entrepreneurs and leadership teams get what they want from their businesses and get better at three things:

Vision—getting everyone in your organization 100% on the same page with where you’re going, and how you plan to get there
Traction®—instilling focus, discipline, and accountability throughout the company so that everyone executes on that vision—every day
Healthy—helping your leaders become a more cohesive, functional, healthy leadership team

Bill Sweetman - President of Name Ninja. Bill runs a boutique domain name acquisition firm that helps global entrepreneurs, startups, and marketers get their dream domain names for their next big thing. He has provided strategic domain name advice to major companies around the world for over 25 years.







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