International Travel and Virtual Alternatives in COVID-19 World

Posted by: Yvonne Luker - Global Chamber on Friday, April 24, 2020

International travel has suffered a major setback in the past month due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Travel is down 97% in the US!

Once the emergency ends, travel will resume as global business ramps up, although with changes. What are tips to handle the changes?

Our experts provide some outstanding information! Watch HERE.

There are new ways to look at travel and travel alternatives, fostered by technology and new business models.

One of the founding ideas behind Global Chamber has always been that people can be too quick to jump on a plane to get a conversation done that they could have done by phone or another technology... and hence we created 'warm introductions' and our virtual business services.

What new trends and tips will help you grow global business, perhaps with limited international flying going forward? Whither points and miles?

How can any of us best navigate this brave new world, virtually? Take a look at the link above, and listen and learn from the experts!


00:00 – Multi-Metro Globinar begins

  • Stephen Andert - Author Surviving Business Travel
  • Ari Charlestein - Founder at First Class and Beyond
  • Lothar Soliwon - CEO of ZG Worldwide Consultants
  • Carlos Fernando Castelo - CEO of Hamster & Sniper / Christian Aguirre - Executive Director of Global Chamber Hermosillo

00:30 – Q&A Session

01:00 - End

Speaker Bios

Stephen Andert - Author, Surviving Business Travel - Stephen has traveled extensively, having visited over 25 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America. He has learned to get the most out of his business travel and is the author of the upcoming book Surviving Business Travel.




Ari Charlestein - Founder at First Class and Beyond. In his four years as a journalist, two as a road-warrior-sales-rep, and nearly ten as an entrepreneur, Ari has proven himself as a hard-working and motivated problem-solver. Thanks to his passion for travel and experiences around the world, he brings a global understanding and perspective to everything he does. His skills, in the fields of management, business development and public speaking, strengthen his never-ending thirst for perfection and overall vision for success in each of his endeavors. Through consulting and booking services, Ari provides world class insight in a niche travel market. Currently he manages a team of four, which has helped him grow as an executive, and has given him a better insight into business operations and development, time-management, and client satisfaction.

Lothar Soliwon - CEO of ZG Worldwide Consultants. Lothar Ernst Soliwon is CEO and President of ZG Worldwide: Business Consultants- Software Development - Subject Matter Experts. We provide a single source for solutions in technology, business, healthcare and marketing. Hundreds of businesses have engaged our CIOs, A.I., management consultants, risk strategists, data analytics, software developers, MDs, engineers, coaches, writers, marketers, lawyers & more. Former Fortune 500 company C-suite IT leaders are available on short notice as interim executives.


Carlos Fernando Castelo - CEO of Hamster & Sniper. Leading the incorporation of virtual reality into your successful business and marketing strategy. Read and see more here.









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