Managing Your Workforce to Grow in Today's New Environment

Posted by: Yvonne Luker - Global Chamber on Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Managing Your Workforce to Grow in Today's Times

We spoke with top workforce expert Lou Vassalotti of Globalization Partners who discussed a framework and tips on growing your business in today's dynamic and challenging times.

Watch the discussion HERE.

This globinar is for companies looking to retrain, reboot and reenergize the workforce in the next phase of the worldwide pandemic economy.

Never before in modern history have companies around the world SIMULTANEOUSLY faced such a daunting challenge, as things as basic as coming into work are no longer easy.

On the other hand, times of challenge can be magnificent opportunities to transform your business to streamline, empower and capture new business. "Times of great difficulty are also great opportunities for magnificent success."

The nature of how we work is shifting, whether due to technology advancements or generational mindset changes. The data shows that distributed, flexible, and now, global teams are the future, and they’re certainly the answer to creating business resiliency in times of crisis. Now it’s time to ask: what does this mean for your business? Why should you build a remote, global team? And, once you’re ready to do so, what should you do first? Read more from Globalization Partners: Complete Guide to Managing a Global Team (click the link).

The conversation also featured Matt Mann of reesmarx who spoke on how companies can manage and acquire talent while continuing growth and success, especially across regions and borders.

We were also pleased to present consultant and strategist Sergio Cuellar, who has special family and franchise experience, and who addressed address the topics of family businesses, franchises and a framework for management improvement.


00:00 – Multi-Metro Globinar begins

  • Lou Vassalotti - Director, Strategic Partnerships at Globalization Partners
  • Matt Mann - Head of Business Development & Resourcing at reesmarx
  • Sergio Cuellar - Consultant at Cuellar Enterprises & Interim CEO, ACG Coffee Roaster

00:30 – Q&A Session

01:00 - End

Speaker Bios

Lou Vassalotti - Director, Strategic Partnerships at Globalization Partners (GP). Lou has led Globalization Partners’ Alliance & Partnership efforts since 2016. He has built a highly effective partner ecosystem for GP that not only has been the main driver of users on their platform, but has also been able to drive revenue back to GP’s partners. With a focus on global expansion and M&A, Lou and the partner team have been able to achieve exponential growth.

Prior to Globalization Partners, Lou has 30 years of successful business development and channel experience for high growth companies with a focus toward HCM.  Lou is located in the NY Metro area.

Matt Mann - Head of Business Development & Resourcing at reesmarx. Matt’s focus is assisting companies with expansion plans across the globe. With a particular focus on North American companies as they expand across borders, he assists clients with their recruitment and business goals and enjoys working with a wide range of companies from start-ups to SMEs and established brand names. He has forged strong partnerships with emerging brands across multiple categories inclusive of technology, retail/consumer, franchise models and high tech medical device.  He develops new business, builds strategic plans and manages on-going relationships with clients and candidates.

Sergio Cuellar - Consultant at Cuellar Enterprises & Interim CEO, ACG Coffee Roaster. Sergio is a Board Member and outsourced Executive for multiple Packaged Goods, Beverage & Food Companies with North & Latin American interests. Typically, Mr. Cuellar supports multi-national brands and private equity groups as an Executive or interim CEO to provide an edge with experienced leadership, short term impact to growth and/or predictable support for turnaround projects.

Starting his career with PepsiCo and Sunkist, he grew into leadership roles ultimately leading Sunkist as a Country Manager of Mexico. With an Entrepreneurial itch, he started his own coffee bar business, growing it from 3 to 113 locations completely self-funded, eventually selling his business to a Private Equity Group – to which he is still actively involved as a share-holder.

Currently, Sergio acts as a board member for two companies, Part-time CEO for his Coffee Roasting company, and consults for multi-national brands. He is open to meeting with organizations looking for an experienced Board Member and/or Executive support.




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