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Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Friday, June 5, 2020

Global Chamber® was not created 5 years ago with a pandemic in mind, but the key drivers then and now are aligned with what we need more than ever, and that's helping companies be more successful to grow across regions and borders.

This blog post takes you through our inception to today... when essentially all of our services are virtual. We're helping members connect without having to have multiple meals after several long flights to speak with prospects. Watch HERE in part 1 of 4 of a recent interview by Dr. Jagat Shah on how we started.

It was after a 6 hour drive to an international business networking event in Carlsbad, California and enduring another 90 minutes of mediocre wine, cheese and conversations that I realized there had to be a better way to connect up with key international business people. 

What if we could eliminate that entire step and start doing business right away? That created our vision: make it just as easy to sell across metros and borders as it is to sell across the street. For that we need better ways to create trust, long distance.

Thank you to my good friend and 'brother from another mother' Dr. Jagat Shah of Ahmedabad, India for your friendship, business partnership and time for interviewing me about what inspired the creation of Global Chamber®. That wine and cheese mixer was one of the final steps to deciding on moving ahead to create a chamber of commerce that is everywhere - and doesn't require that members have to endure the sheer torture of events like that. Hey - I'm even a networking guru and quite outgoing, but it's an inefficient process, like finding a needle in a haystack.

Along the way I've observed that too many companies fail in their exporting initiatives or foreign direct investment, and nearly every company sub-optimizes results because of a variety of issues that often come down to not working with the right customers, partners and resources.

So we've assembled over 35 million trusted connections in 5 years, and we keep building our network to help members grow more effectively and successfully. Our process now includes AI-generated warm introductions to find clients and new opportunities.

Watch HERE in part 2 of 4 to learn more on how we're growing around the world.

Watch HERE in part 3 of 4 as we go through an example of how it works. There was a delicate case study cited.

That brings me to the picture above showing me with my good friend Ricardo Vanella (left) of Buenos Aires, who one day last year send me a WhatsApp message a couple months after we had introduced him and his firm to another firm and new opportunity. That other firm was also trusted by us, and so when he told me that things weren't working out despite best efforts, it was a surprise.

Guess what... things happen... and in international business we always need to stay observant, flexible and resilient. In this case we jumped in and began by alerting the other party, and they in turn jumped into action as well, from the CEO down. Fast action! Long story short, it took a few weeks of best efforts, but things got back on track, and they were able to launch successfully across borders.

The key points are that our members are amazing AND Global Chamber® is  'all in' to monitor and grow our trusted network, along with facilitating success along the way, whatever it takes. We go to any length because we crazy care! Life is too short not to.

Watch HERE in part 4 of 4 for the wrap-up of my discussion with Jagat, that covers some of our services and programs to help members in a variety of virtual ways, plus more on that passion of deeply caring about member success, to help them grow.

Watch HERE for the full interview. Thanks again Dr. Jagat Shah!

And don't miss our recent hour interview of Dr. Shah to hear his story HERE. Like me he started his career in big companies and then moved to SMBs. In his case it was 6 months of failure before his success turned on one key decision. Amazing! I love his story because every entrepreneur can relate, and this along with the services he provides in India indicates what a great man that he is. 

We launched Global Chamber® 5 years ago with events at Thunderbird School of Global Management and at City Hall in Phoenix, Arizona with Mayor Greg Stanton. Thirty minutes of that event was captured here.

For Global Chamber® 5 years in we are everywhere, 195 countries and 525 metros, and we unintentionally have been preparing for a pandemic because nearly everything we do is virtual, from that bad wine and cheese event years ago. We're also continuing to grow our trusted network by building teams in those 525 metros who are experienced, talented, professional, capable AND trusted.

Some of the services we offer include.

  1. Warm introductions between trusted leaders that kick-starts conversations.
  2. Globinars that deliver key info for members to be more effective and successful.
  3. Virtual events to connect members... like League of Extraordinaries & Virtual Dining.
  4. Virtual Roadmaps that deliver step-by-step help on Digital Technologies and more.
  5. Additional help like our own podcasts and our members' events to boost growth.

We've only just begun!

Global Chamber® is different from every other organization in the world because we do all of these below, and there's not a single other organization that does any of these.
  • We're located in 525 metros (everywhere) to help members grow anywhere more effectively.
  • We provide AI-supported warm intros from a growing database of over 35 million people.
  • We present globinars on every business topic for exporters, importers, entrepreneurs and investors PLUS we present unique virtual connecting events like League of Extraordinaries and Export League PLUS we present signature events like Grow Globally Fair, International State of the Metro and Women in Global Leadership PLUS we present virtual roadmap training programs to guide members to be more productive, profitable and successful on leadership, exporting, digital transformation and much more. 

By the way, another unique characteristic is that we collaborate with thousands of other organizations because we believe that it takes a village to help exporters, importers and cross border investors to succeed. No single organization or one person should have to go it alone. We're 'growing the pie' of companies involved with global business and improving their success rate, because more business grows communities and enriches peoples' lives. And it contributes to more global understanding that as much as we're all different, we're all the same.

In the global tribe? You inspire us daily! Let's keep growing!

Not yet in the global tribe? Are you an honest, capable and client-driven leader? Feel free to connect with me via email or in Linkedin and let's get your firm connected to some new opportunities.

Doug Bruhnke - founder/CEO at Global Chamber®

Be global and UNSTOPPABLE!




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