Business Opportunities in Malaysia, ASEAN and Asia Regional Hub

Posted by: Yvonne Luker - Global Chamber on Friday, June 19, 2020

This week in a globinar we discussed business opportunities in Malaysia with the help of experts from Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) and Vistra Group.

This was a Global Chamber® New York City event, broadcast to the world.

We've made this available to watch HERE.

We were pleased to share information about the latest market and business opportunities in Malaysia. Opportunities include manufacturing shift from other countries, new technology, manufacturing of PPEs, food and beverage, healthcare, digital technology, fintech, cybersecurity, IoT, artificial intelligence, ecommerce to the region and more.

Our keynote speaker was Nelson S. Wilson of MIDA who shared the progress by Malaysia within the ASEAN region, and discussed ways for your firm to participate, including a new investment incentive program by the government.

We were also honored to have Norain Abu Talib of VISTRA Group speak on how she and her team see current opportunities and how they're helping companies expand today.

Both Nelson and Norain shared case studies, and in addition, Raihan Hadi of Galaxie AG discussed how his firm has ramped up PPE manufacturing and distribution from Kuala Lumpur after making a foreign direct investment in the country.


00:00 – Multi-Metro Globinar begins

  • Nelson Samuel Wilson - Consul Investment and Director of MIDA New York
  • Norain Abu Talib - Director, VISTRA Group
  • Raihan Hadi - Managing Partner & CEO at Galaxie AG
  • Susan Assadi - Co-founder GAPR & Director at Global Chamber® New York City

00:30 – Q&A Session

01:00 - End

Speaker Bios

Nelson Samuel Wilson - Consul Investment and Director of MIDA New York. Mr Nelson joined the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) in 1992. Has experience in various sectors at MIDA: 

- Evaluation of projects coming into Malaysia in specific industries, i.e Building Materials, Textiles and Miscellaneous industries.

- Marketing functions attached to the Industrial Promotion Division, Foreign Investment Promotion Division, US Desk.

- Was involved in Strategic Planning overseeing industrial development, policies and incentives for FDI and Domestic Investments.

- Was appointed as the Director of the Foreign Investment Promotion Division, MIDA Headquarters monitoring MIDA overseas centers globally in attracting FDI to Malaysia. Had travelled extensively in promoting Malaysia as an attractive investment destination and a gateway to the ASEAN region.

- Served abroad in Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, Korea and now attached in New York Consulate Office as the Consul Investment and Director of MIDA New York.

Regarding MIDA, The Malaysian Investment Development Authority abbreviated as MIDA is the government's principal agency to oversee and drive investment into the manufacturing and services sectors in Malaysia. Starting operations in 1967, MIDA was given the mandate to promote investments in the manufacturing and services sectors; and to advise the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) of Malaysia on industry matters including the formulation of related policies.

Today, MIDA is the National Investment Promotion Agency to promote and assist foreign investors around the globe including in the USA to look at Malaysia and beyond the ASEAN region. MIDA assists companies which intend to invest in the manufacturing and services sectors, as well as facilitates the implementation of their projects. The wide range of services provided by MIDA includes providing information on the opportunities for investments, as well as facilitating companies which are looking for joint venture partners.

MIDA has 20 overseas offices including three (3) in the US alone in New York, Chicago and San Jose ready to assist enquiries and follow up on the interest of American and Canadian companies on Malaysia for business opportunities.

Norain Abu Talib - Director, VISTRA Group. Norain has been with VISTRA Malaysia from the inception date and she has been heading the Malaysia growth and  leading the Malaysia team providing the Malaysia service offerings ranges from corporate to individual clients of diverse industries and background. Familiar with the local regulatory requirements both onshore and midshore (Labuan), she has vast knowledge, network and experience in the Malaysia business landscape.

Norain has more than 16 years of practical experience in the corporate secretarial profession through working with a consulting firm, corporate management companies, a public listed company, Government Link Corporation and a Multi National Company. Norain has a Diploma in Corporate Secretarial and Administration from the Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (“MAICSA”) and a Licensed Company Secretary under the Companies Commission of Malaysia holding a license number LS0009877. She is also a MAICSA’s affiliate and is fluent in Bahasa Melayu and English.

Raihan Hadi - Managing Partner & CEO at Galaxie AG (Kuala Lumpur). Raihan is a seasoned professional with experience in diverse industries. Starting his career 22 years ago for his family business as a merchandiser for their buying house, Raihan has more than 20 years of hands on training and practice in RMG, Real Estate, Research and Publications Management, International Trade. He has also worked  for the Bangladesh and Korean Government in the commercial sector. In this globinar Raihan will share how his team chose Malaysia for their new PPE business. Why Malaysia? How has it worked out so far? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Moderator: Susan Assadi - Co-founder GAPR and Director of Global Chamber® New York City. Susan co-founded GAPR in 1992, a PR firm with an emphasis on expert and thought leadership campaigns. She is a highly respected national media strategist who helps her clients to be promoted to the national media, weaving in compelling stories that resonate with top media outlets. Her campaigns catalyze her clients into leaders of their respective fields. Susan also has over four decades representing non-profits, leading public companies and subject matter experts. Her firm’s campaigns are fresh, creative, tech savvy and innovative, a cocktail that engenders powerful results. She co-founded Safed House, a non-profit, that provides a welcoming place for refugees and immigrants to share stories.










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