What Do You Think of the 12 Values of Global Chamber?

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

For our first 5 years we didn't list out the values for Global Chamber®, but two things pushed us to do that now.

First, by being everywhere in the world, we see it as part of our mission to not only bring business everywhere, but also to bring best practices for doing business everywhere. You may have heard the story from when I was working at a joint venture in Japan when our Osaka office wouldn't let a woman do phone sales because "Toyota will never buy from a woman." That didn't seem right to me then or certainly now, and so I pushed and pushed over a number of months until finally the team there relented. And of course she became their best salesperson.

We have the capability to create business progress and progress in society as well in every country of the world, including my own. We all have the capability to make a difference, and together as the global tribe we can more effectively do that.

By the way, that's Christopher Herring, Global Chamber® San Antonio shown above. He sincerely demonstrates the values we hold dear every day in Texas, USA.

Second, our leaders are talented and have diverse interests and skills, and some even wish to step into the political realm, or perhaps had been more involved with politics previously. As we work in communities, elected officials are part of the ecosystem and they're important for advancing trade, and so we always include them. How do we handle the politics of that, especially when we have our own opinions of which party or parties are best? We typically recommend that our people not get involved in partisan politics, but it's hard - and I can be the worst offender on my facebook page at least. Sometimes it's hard to stay quiet and not have a voice on important issues for business and for society. Some things need to be said, and it's not always clear where the line is where enough becomes too much. So perhaps values can help us determine where that line is, and that members recognize that sometimes we need to say how we feel based on our values.

Here's what we've come up with so far. What do you think, members? What resonates and is most important for you in dealing with Global Chamber®? How can we better align with your values?

  • Member satisfaction; Serving members; Having gratitude
  • Integrity; Honesty; Accountability; Follow-up; Transparency; Trust
  • Results; Simplicity; Speed; Just doing it; Making a difference; Growth; Profit; Success
  • People first; Building relationships; Respecting; Having Compassion; Connecting; Collaborating; Growing the tribe
  • Diversity; Gender balance; Fairness; Justice; Ending racism; Equal pay for equal work
  • Positivity; Optimism; Persistence; Passion; Freedom; Empowerment; Celebration
  • Professionalism; Dependability; Resilience; Humbleness; Communicating
  • Sustainable operations; Doing no harm; Environmental responsibility
  • Learning; Listening; Curiosity; Continuous improvement
  • Being brave; Having courage; Being a leader
  • Innovation; Creativity; Flexibility
  • Doing the right thing

We've posted these on our site HERE as well, and we look forward to hearing from you.

In addition, Global Chamber® does NOT discriminate against individuals based on race, religion, gender, sexual preference, age, mental or physical health, disability, country/region, or politics.

In your service!

Doug Bruhnke

Founder/CEO of Global Chamber®




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