Globinar on International Sales: One-on-One with Zach Selch

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Friday, July 3, 2020

This week Global Chamber® held a globinar on international sales, a one-on-one with Zach Selch.

Zach has been working in international sales for 30 years, and most importantly, he's been very successful growing many different kinds of companies. This was a deep dive with Zach on a variety of topics - including selecting new markets, finding distributors, managing international sales, training and much more.

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In the conversation we talked about the impact of Covid-19 on how to manage international sales - including what opportunities that opens up as well. We also talked about ways to manage international sales team, including the key metrics to consider.

We discussed keeping distributor mindshare to grow sales, and trending it up. Changes in how any sales director approaches their international network can be the different between US$1 million in sales and $25 million per year in sales.

Zach's tips really make a difference! We even covered the process of deciding which markets you should be approaching. Beware the company focused on Japan, Germany and Italy - Zach explains why. And how about the tie-in to sales focus and servicing markets and regions?

Good news: Zach has a book coming out later this year on this topic, and Global Chamber® members will be able to obtain that with as much or nearly 90% discount. Watch for more in the September - October, 2020 time frame. Stay in touch!

Zach Selch - VP Global Sales at PharmaJet. Zach is the VP of global sales for a medical device company, and has served as VP Sales for 3 startups, headed international sales for a midmarket company that sold for close to $400 million, has been MVP 4 times for a Fortune 1000 multinational. 

Zach Selch has more than 30 years’ experience building and running international sales organizations, selling in more than 130 markets around the world and driving >1000% growth multiple times. His master class is focused on how we can get results faster as a company expands into new international markets. 

Zach presently runs a vlog on international sales #globalsalesmentor that comes up 5 days a week with tools for increasing your international sales. Learn more about him at his Global Sales Mentor site. 


00:00 – Multi-Metro Globinar and Podcast begins; Opening remarks.

  • Zach Selch - VP Global Sales at PharmaJet.

01:00 - End 

Moderator: Doug Bruhnke - Founder/CEO of Global Chamber®. Doug is a global entrepreneur dedicated to helping members of Global Chamber® reach new markets across metros and borders. He is a two-time expat with Dupont in Tokyo and Singapore with over 30 years of global business experience in nearly all countries and segments. Doug is a regional advisor for U.S. Global Leadership Coalition and a member of collaborating international groups including the Arizona District Export Council. He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Utah and an EMBA from Michigan State University.

About Global Chamber®: Global Chamber® is a growing and collaborating community of CEOs, executives and leaders in 525 metro regions around the world... connecting member businesses to new opportunities and advancing growth and success. It's the only chamber of commerce in the world operating in hundreds of locations that helps exporting, importing and investing members to connect through warm introductions to clients, partners, projects and resources. Global Chamber® is a registered trademark of Global Chamber, LLC.



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