Strategic Benchmarking and Planning Using Artificial Intelligence

Posted by: Yvonne Luker - Global Chamber on Thursday, July 16, 2020

Global Chamber® has been pleased to partner with MyFinB on a series of four, 1-hour globinars to provide companies the ABC's of AI in order to scale, grow and succeed... with case studies. This was the final installment of this series, with more to come.

Watch the discussion HERE. For this session we focused on using artificial intelligence for strategic benchmarking and planning. As a company attempts to pivot or restructure during Covid times or pursue a fund raising round with investors, benchmarking against peers and industry groups becomes key.

Very special thanks to M. Nazri Muhd, founder/CEO of MyFinB for pulling this and other programs together, and for sharing his special expertise.

Benchmarking helps businesses to stay ahead in the competitive market with proper insights into the on-going market trends, latest transactions and how other companies are doing... all a key part of strategic planning. One of the informative and fun case studies that Nazri share was a comparison of Alibaba with Tesla, and how AI was used to compare the status and future success.

Jack Ma vs. Elon Musk... who wins?

When you perform financial benchmarking against your competitors, it allows you to devise a robust strategy and set realistic performance goals for your company to "beat the market". When dealing with financiers, this can be deployed as a leveraging strategy in your negotiations or a form of justification to support the value of your business. This process essentially helps you to identify your position in the market and strengths of your business. Our experts shared their ideas on the topic more broadly and then specifically using artificial intelligence.

During the session, we showcased a few case studies that showed how different companies deploy growth strategies yielding different outcomes and performance yardsticks. Thank you very much to our experts! Matthew Hoffer was not able to join us.


  • Nazri Muhd - Founder/CEO at MyFinB Group (Singapore)
  • Steven Jast - President/CEO at (Montreal)
  • Raj Muppala - Founder/CEO at AInfinity (London)


Nazri Muhd - Founder/CEO of MyFinB Group. M Nazri's passion and expertise in building start-ups and SMEs for more than a decade, has led him to become a venture builder. He has spoken in numerous international events, seed-invested start-ups, advised on investments and actively mentoring business owners. Nazri's specialty is in investments and A.I., and has built models around various market and industry verticals for both public and private sectors.

Nazri was recently named by Islamica500 as one of the world's top 500 prominent and influential personalities in the Islamic world and economy (A.I./Fintech category). Nazri was also awarded the Young Business Leader Award in 2010 (APAC) by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry for adopting innovative business models in his businesses. An active advocator of AI and analytics, Nazri regularly contributes forward-looking insights and viewpoints to The Malaysian Business magazine. He is frequently interviewed by international accounting journals and national media; and also invited to speak in major events from various parts of Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East on the topic.

Steven Jast - President/CEO at Steve founded ROI Research on Investment in February 2003. As President of ROI, Steve led the growth of the company from a two-person start-up to a Profit Magazine “Hot 50” company, ranking as Canada’s 26th fastest growing company in 2007. In 2008, he was recognized as a Finalist in the Ernst & Young International Entrepreneur of the Year Competition. He has become a thought leader on best practices related to investment prospecting, business retention and expansion, as well as advanced lead nurturing and engagement techniques.

Raj Muppala - CEO at AInfinity. Raj Muppala is a Business Executive, Entrepreneur helping businesses optimize value from Digital Transformation with AI. Raj has over 18 years of experience in various roles in IT & Business at Fortune 100 companies. Over the last few years, Raj has helped big enterprises with an efficient AI strategy and methodology to implement explainable AI solutions to increase ROI.

To address the big need for companies with ‘Explainable AI applications’, Raj has started an Innovative AI company AInfinity, to help businesses address complex challenges (on Risk, Customer Insights, etc) with Explainable AI solutions rapidly and securely using their innovative (visual with & no-code) AI platform (with data integration, AI models and analytics.


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