Virtual League of Opportunities with PPEs and More July 2020

Posted by: Yvonne Luker - Global Chamber on Wednesday, July 22, 2020
The Virtual League of Opportunities (vLoO) is a recurring forum organized by Global Chamber® where there's a group of talented members with business ideas connecting with others with access to funding and other resources.
Members exchange information about their ideas and answer questions for possible buyers/investors.
Watch July's vLoO here. Are you open to share your idea next month? Contact us.
Companies that presented this time, below.
Galaxie AG is a global company sourcing safety and medical solution based out of Malaysia. Galaxie is looking for companies needing PPE and medical devices products, and also manufacturers they can help with trade facilitation services for this type of products.
Presenter: Raihan Hadi 

Kiwi Kisan Window (E.C Road) | Home delivery | Order online ...

Kiwi Kisan Window is an Indian based health and wellness start up that started business in the year 2017 with the ambition to provide its consumers Green Clean Natural and Organic grocery products for a healthy and safe living while buying through Indian farmers via fair trade practices.They are now looking to expand globally.

Presenter: Nupur Agarwal


Athena Group is an International Trade Advisory and Human Capital solutions firm from Kenya with projects are in the finance, fintech, food and education industries. Presenter: Emmanuel Maingi

Fishi® is a Puerto Rico based apparel and accessory brand inspired by a big eyed-fish that evokes the tropical life. The brand is currently looking for clients and distributors in markets like the U.S., Mexico and Japan that could help access retailers in the maritime and hospitality industries.

Presenter: Tommy de Armas 


Eternee is a skin care and hair products manufacturer in Central Mexico that is currently looking for partners and distributors in the beauty and care industries around the world. 

Presenter: Rene Velazquez




Abastecedora Higiénica de Sonora (AHS) is a Mexico-based firm manufacturing  sanitary products for different industries. They are producing a anti-microbial gel effective for COVID-19. Presenter: Christian Aguirre


If you're a member with a good idea looking for investment, or an investor or company looking to invest in a good idea, Join us for virtual League of Opportunities.

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