Strategies and Insights to Meet More Investors

Posted by: Yvonne Luker - Global Chamber on Friday, July 24, 2020
We held a conversation for executives looking to raise capital, entrepreneurs seeking start-up funds, and family offices looking for co-investors.  
In this virtual meeting you'll hear strategies and insights from Greg Tanner, Founder of Aspen Capital Fund, and Toby Armitage, Sr. Vice-President of Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
Watch and listen to their insights HERE.
Greg Tanner kicked off the conversation and covered the following.
  • Focus vs. diversification.
  • Doing the opposite of what others are doing.
  • Using power brokers.
  • Fundraising today in the new normal.
  • Using counter-intuitive techniques.

In addition to each expert sharing presentations, both Greg and Toby answered questions from the global audience on this important topic.

Greg Tanner - Founder of Aspen Capital Fund. Greg helps startups and existing businesses create successful capital raise and investor relations strategies. He created Aspen Capital Fund specifically to support minority entrepreneurs and more specifically Hispanic entrepreneurs. Greg shares what he has learned through formal education, work experience and hundreds of meetings with his Hispanic peers to create windows of opportunities. His goal to increase the number of Hispanics talking to investors, walking into venture capital firms and capturing successful meetings. 
Aspen Capital Fund connects their clients with capital by helping them understand the underlying process and requirements of building a successful capital raise strategy. The customized capital raise strategy provides a modern approach and key resources to build a compelling and complete capital formation campaign.  Get direct feedback and resources on how to improve your chances of meetings and deals. Incorporate investors into your network on all levels using successful marketing strategies that will reduce that friction and speed up your flywheel.
Toby Armitage - Sr Vice President with Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Toby will be contributing to the conversation by addressing the topics that are part of any Capital Raise and ultimate Liquidity of an Enterprise. Preparing your Business and Personal Balance Sheets, Establishing Valuation - how that translates to your Business Strategy and in a Liquidity event what it means for the business owners Personal Objectives. The Importance of Pre-Liquidity Planning for the Company Executives - Tax Minimization, Legacy Planning and Philanthropy all play an interconnected role and can shape the Sale of the Company.


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