Export League Creates Connections and Ongoing Support for Exporters

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Monday, August 17, 2020

Global Chamber® has been pleased to start and continue the first 'Export League' this summer with top exporters in metro Phoenix to gain 'warm introductions' in order for them to reach their next new markets, virtually.

Originally we had planned to do an in-person exporter 'pitch' event at Grand Canyon University and pick the top 12 exporters as determined by judges, assisting those 12 firms in their next exporting country activities.

Covid-19 got in the way! But we found a way to make it work by having the judging be virtual, via zoom.

Then the rest of the program with warm introductions was conducted as planned, with warm intros via email per our normal virtual process. This is why Global Chamber® is growing faster than ever... because our processes are virtual, connecting members to opportunities worldwide, virtually.

There are so many people to thank for the success of the first cohort of exporters! We're pleased to announce that all 12 companies selected continue on as the first group of successful exporters within the region, now able to access ongoing services as members of Export League, metro Phoenix and the State of Arizona. Special events and education opportunities are planned.

Thank you to all the special globies who have been part of this first cohort!

Export League by Global Chamber® is an initiative for exporters conceived in a special collaboration with City of Phoenix to help regional companies reach more clients and partners around the world. Thank you to Hank Marshall of City of Phoenix for your collaboration!

Thank you to all the exporters in Phoenix, in metro Phoenix and in the state of Arizona who applied to gain access to warm introductions, special education opportunities and connections to the best regional exporting resources. That was fun!

Thank you to all the judges as well... including Hank Marshall of City of Phoenix.

All the judges are extraordinary, and they also included Mike Patterson of Spencer Fane, Susan Shultz of the Board Institute, Eduardo Gonzalez of 258 Consulting and Ryan Sachs of V. Alexander. They all participated in judging all the companies, and helping along the way.

Thank you to all the companies that were selected as top exporters. They were judged to be the most likely companies to gain business from virtual connections - and they proved us correct! There are many factors associated with selecting them, including their experience, capabilities, pass success, ability to sell in a virtual meeting and a variety of intangible factors that only globies understand ;-)

Thanks as well to the companies who were not selected... watch for more opportunities in the future!

There's a reason why every company doesn't export... it takes special capabilities to sell across metros and borders, especially in a virtual world. And we have been so impressed by ALL the companies who were selected. We have been honored to work with you!

Here are the stars of Export League PHX. Most of these are members of Global Chamber®, too!

  • Delta Technology / Key Contact: Paul Soucek. Delta Technology provides fully-integrated automated production solutions that lower costs, increase throughput, enhance safety, improve quality and lower overall risk. Pioneer of innovative Delta 4P automation consulting program as well as end-of-line packaging equipment integration.
  • Firearms Export / Key Contact: Robert Bagnato. Firearms Export Is licensed by the US State Department and Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security to export firearms and related items from the United State Munitions List including firearms, ammunition, components of firearms, and some rifle scopes, optical sights and accessories.

  • GlobalMed / Key Contact: Neal Schoenbach. GlobalMed powers the world’s largest, most advanced virtual health programs by designing and manufacturing integrated software and hardware telemedicine solutions that support a patient at any point in the continuum of care.

  • Hownd / Key Contact: Brandon Willey. Hownd is a software platform that generates effortless foot traffic from new and returning consumers for local business owners worldwide. There is zero-risk since the business only pays when Hownd delivers results. They strive to see the building of businesses, the creation of jobs, and the flourishing of local communities in which they serve.

  • Humate / Key Contact: Dennis Yellowhorse Jones. Humate produces 'humate', an organic mineral used tor organic, conventional agriculture, soil remediation, and as a food supplement for animals. In business for over 30 years and selling product worldwide, the largest customer being the Dole Food Company, largest grower in the world.

  • MistAmerica / Key Contact: Jon Marsh. MistAmerica manufactures and supplies the highest quality misting solutions for cooling including world-class ruby-orifice nozzles for the finest mist/fog, Mist360 line of ceiling-mount outdoor cooling fans, Type 316LSS mist lines, full line of misting pumps, plus solutions for sanitizing, dust and odor control, and humidification.

  • Rowpar Pharmaceuticals / Key Contact: Jim Ratcliff. Rowpar Pharma offers CloSYS oral care products which are uniquely formulated to be highly effective without the burn or irritation of other brands. Theirs are always alcohol-free, dye-free, sulfate free and pH balanced, branded Gentlest. Oral Care. Ever.®

  • STEM Sports® / Key Contact: Jeff Golner. STEM Sports® provides turnkey K-8 supplemental curriculum using basketball, football, golf, soccer, volleyball, BMX and other sports as real-life applications to drive STEM-based, hands-on learning in classrooms and after-school programs.

  • Symbiont Nutrition / Key Contact: Mark Holt. Symbiont Nutrition has a unique patented natural protein delivery technology used in various feeds for animals. We research, design and produce products that replicate Mother Nature to improve animal nutrition, immunology, reproduction and management tools to insure efficient and productive use within these complex systems.

  • Tru-Color Paint / Key Contact: Scott Cohen. Tru-Color Paint produces and distributes custom, accurate paints for modelers of automobiles, boats, planes and military equipment requiring authentic reproduction.

  • True Salt / Key Contact: Brian Pierce. True Salt is the fastest growing new salt brand in the Foodservice and Retail sectors. They serve over 28 States and ships over 150K pounds of product monthly, servicing 400+ restaurants and hotels within the US. The mission of True Salt is to provide a high quality sea salt that emulates the grain size of other main stream brands, providing a high quality product at the same price. Theirs is all natural, unrefined, unprocessed and harvested for generations from the Sea of Cortez, containing beneficial trace natural minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Iron, which elevate tastes buds.

  • Wisdom Natural Brands / Key Contact: Michael May. Wisdom Natural Brands® is the manufacturer of SweetLeaf® Sweeteners – premium, natural and organic zero-calorie sugar replacements, featuring high-purity organic stevia and organic monk fruit powdered and liquid sweeteners, coffee, tea and water enhancers, breakfast syrups, and baking products. Wisdom Natural Brands® also manufactures Wisdom of the Ancients® premium, functional teas.

These exporters all received and continue to access the following...

  • 8-10 warm introductions through this summer
  • Recognition within Global Chamber® as a winning regional exporter
  • Recognition by City of Phoenix in their marketing of Export League
  • Ongoing events that include winning exporters in 'the Export League'
  • Free one-month subscription to Edvysor, an Applied Intelligence software supporting growth
  • Special access to Creditsafe financial solutions to reduce risk
  • Special offer by Connect-AI software for marketing support for growth
  • More special access & opportunities to grow success for Export League PHX
  • Ongoing programs with education, exposure and growth opportunities
  • Officially certified 'Virtual Business Growth Master', the "V-Certificate"
  • Eligible for the Annual 'V-Award"

Next steps... we plan periodic events with the winning exporters, and we're adding a next cohort soon.

Export League lives on as well in other states and countries. Watch for more information or contact Global Chamber® near you to start one for exporters in your area.

This has been a pure pleasure, and we look forward to working with more exporters along the way. Be global and UNSTOPPABLE with Global Chamber® and Export League.

Doug Bruhnke - founder/CEO of Global Chamber®

Contact me for more information.



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