The Oxygen to Breathe for High Altitude Global Success

Posted by: Michael Wynne - IMCA on Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Have you flown on airplane flights above 35,000 feet? Flying at high altitude is common these days and extreme high altitude flight could very well be part many of future air trips. As passengers on any typical airplane flight and especially for high altitude flights, we rely on the lifesaving importance of supplemental oxygen. Without that, it would be impossible to fly at such a high altitude; it is literally life-sustaining.

In the U.S. Air Force I visited a High Altitude Chamber in Ohio. There I underwent a 70 thousand-foot, high altitude training session.

As part of that adventure I wore a space outfit that required breathing pressured oxygen for 60 minutes before entering the chamber. Then I went through an explosive air decompression in the altitude chamber and was able to breath comfortably at the simulated 70 thousand feet level.

Later as I was becoming a high-level global business executive, I learned something that helped my teams attain the highest level performance. The secret was getting every employee to appreciate customer satisfaction... the very oxygen of operating at high levels.

In my early business days, too many employees had an attitude of just making it through the day. But with that attitude, we'd never achieve high altitude business performance! So we developed training that got them to focus on customer satisfaction, to help them and us succeed.

In retrospect, my executive success came mainly from asking  “How can we help others to become more successful"?

Customer satisfaction is the very oxygen to sustain and grow the profitability of any firm. 

Here are some tips to bring customer satisfaction to your clients and organization.

  1. Measure customer success. Keep improving and understand what drives more success.
  2. Check the quality of the information and data you have about each of your employees.
  3. Develop a presentation for both individual employees and groups about focusing on the client.
  4. Consider turning that information into articles that you can write, publish and present.
  5. Train other executives with this and other new ideas you have to keep growing satisfaction and success.
  6. Keep working on increasing your knowledge and creating ideas to drive customer satisfaction.
  7. Review books and articles on customer satisfaction and keep finding more ways to reach the next level.
  8. Constantly read new related articles and books. Share information and ideas with more people
  9. Every day devote some time to thinking about the future of yourself, your employees and the world; ask, how could we be even better?
  10. Realize that every day when we wake up, we are in a new world.

Get ready to fly in the wild blue of tomorrow’s world, sustained by customer satisfaction.

Thank you. 

Michael Wynne - President of IMCA, International Management Consulting Associates. 


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