Safe Air Travel Between the US and Mexico

Posted by: Yvonne Luker - Global Chamber on Monday, September 7, 2020

Global Chamber® San Antonio hosted this globinar relevant to business travelers during the COVID-19 pandemic, and especially for businesses and individuals involved with the USA 🇺🇸 and #Mexico 🇲🇽.

“Safe Air Travel Between the US and Mexico" was held last week with expert speakers.

Watch and listen to the event on YouTube HERE.

Keynote speakers included Tom Barlett, Deputy Director at City of San Antonio Aviation Department. Tom discussed airport activities and what travelers can expect coming in and out of the country. Thank you, Tom for the information and insights!

Another keynote speaker was Jennifer Jenks, Product Specialist at Delta Airlines/AeroMexico. Jennifer provided the airline view of what you can expect as you travel.

The moderator for the event was Jorge Canavati, President of J.Canavati & Co and Chairman-Elect of the advisory board for Global Chamber® San Antonio.

Thank you Christopher Herring, Executive Director of Global Chamber® San Antonio for your leadership.

Watch for more from this upcoming and active chapter.

Yvonne Luker - Global Chamber® 


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