Let Disrupt: Simulation Based Education (SBE) in Higher Ed and Corporate Training

Posted by: Maimun Mustafa - Global Chamber Dhaka on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

COVID-19 has opened up the world for greater collaboration between the corporate and the educational sector, and so we held a discussion on how online education and simulation learning can re-design the future of higher education and by extension the fate of the future workforce.

Very special thank you to our regional team in Bangladesh for your assistance in putting this informative and educational discussion together!

Watch the globinar recording HERE.

The introduction of simulation learning in higher education can initially take place by getting two-three leading marketing/tech companies on board who have a higher preference among undergraduate/graduate students for seeking a job after graduation. If higher education itself wants to improve, it has to adapt to technologies like simulation, and the pandemic gives opportunity to incorporate such practices. 

About: Simulation Based Education (SBE)

Simulation learning (Sims) is able to demonstrate abstract concepts and transform them into interactive visual content, making it easier for students to reinforce their theoretical knowledge with hands-on training through simulation tools, giving them a better understanding of the course materials. There are many studies that have proven the use of simulation to improve learning.


Objectives of the Globinar

  • Discuss the potential of Sims in increasing pertinent skills of undergraduate students
  • Discuss how Sims can be utilized for better hiring practices
  • Explore how Sims can reduce job redundancy
  • Discuss how utilizing sims can improve an organization’s productivity. 
  • Suggest steps that align the academics and the corporates.


  • ICE Business Times
  • Global Chamber® Dhaka
  • Global Chamber® Barisal
  • MCFG

Keynote Speaker Bios

Dr. Rajiv Agarwal, is a Professor of Family Business, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, SP Jain Institute of Management and Research. He has done his Owner/President Management Program, Harvard Business School. He is Head, Strategy Group, and the author of the first family business simulation of Harvard Business School Publishing titled 'Honey Heritage.’


Tamhida Ahmed, is a Full-time Lecturer at Primeasia University, Academic Educator under Harvard Business School Publishing, Science and Tech delegate at Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations. Tamhida’s ongoing research work on Simulation based Education (SBE) is an effort to redefine the conventional education system in Bangladesh. Her coursework circulates around ‘Experiential Simulation Learning’ which is an effort to forge successful university-industry collaboration and bring out more competent graduates in the future. This year alongside Simulation Based Education (SBE), she has expanded her research horizon to outbound and inbound Medical Tourism in Bangladesh for the constructive development of the medical sector in her country.


Priya Bhandari, is an Azure Cloud and AI Consultant at Microsoft and assists businesses globally, digitizing and streamlining their business processes by developing cloud applications. She primarily works on mobile application development and helps companies develop cloud-ready solutions. She is also a fervent supporter of diversity and inclusion within and outside of her workplace and works proactively towards equal representation of women in every facet of society. She is also a popular food-blogger in Hyderabad and is popular in her circle as @thefoodtinkerer.


Sashank Srivastava, is a Digital Transformation Consultant at Microsoft, India. He helps drive digital transformation of enterprises globally by tapping into Microsoft’s expertise, excellence, and best practices. His primary role includes understanding and compiling digital transformation across industries, assessing and analyzing the (digital) maturity of organizations, recommending critical scenarios of must-haves and quick wins across various technology verticals, etc. Simultaneously, he also exhibits thought leadership by creating standard frameworks within the organization. He is also the founder and owner of Evangelist of Good Things, a venture across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with a mission to celebrate goodness and help the world de-stress, particularly during the current Covid times.

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