League of Opportunities Includes PPE Masks and More

Posted by: Cesar Trabanco - Global Chamber on Monday, September 21, 2020

The Global Chamber® Virtual League of Opportunities is a recurring forum where we present people, projects and companies with global ideas meeting up with others with access to resources including funds, investors, companies for collaboration and more.

We encourage the global tribe to check out these meetings and connect with global opportunities.

In the September 18th Virtual League of Opportunities, we heard 5 opportunities.

Watch the recording HERE.

Here's a brief summary of the information on the companies that presented.
Red Internacional de Negocios (RIN) is a Peru-based business opportunities mediator... locally and internationally. Through its business platform, their business brokers network and their members where RIN operates around the world, the organization facilitates the contact and finishing deals in diverse areas including company buyout/sellout, searching for investments/partners and intermediating in trade deals. Presentations were made on hotel, restaurant and franchise opportunities in Peru. Contact: Silvia Lama at slama@rpn.pe.
Mask Vietnam by Teresa Global LLC is based in Virginia USA and operates globally. The firm has identified sources of high-quality yet cost effective masks as well as other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Teresa Global is partnering with one of the best factories in Vietnam that provides masks and other PPE, and the firm continues to support the community by providing needed medical supplies. Contact: Kimviet Ngo at kimviet.ngo@teresaglobal.com. The presenter was David Hawkins (VP), contact here. Learn more at Global Chamber PPE Trusted Sourcing Program
STEM Sports® provides turnkey K-8 supplemental curriculum that uses sports as the real-life application to drive STEM-based, hands-on learning in classrooms, after-school programs and camps. They are looking to export their platforms to new countries around the world. Contact: Jeff Golner, CEO at jeff@stemsports.com. STEM Sports® recently was selected as a top exporter by Global Chamber® in Export League PHX here.
Kay Brown offers seasonings are a result of years of blending various spices and herbs until they found the magical balance that will send your taste buds into another dimension. They are looking for more and better distribution opportunities. This product is brought to the meeting by Global Chamber® San Antonio member J. Canavati & Co. LLC. Contact Jorge at jc@jcanavati.com.
 שידרוגי Ecard is a leading brand presented by GREENBOOK, a creative digital marketing company that specializes in the development and sales of smart digital products tailored to growing businesses, organizations and service suppliers. Contact Tal Zilberberg at office@merkaz.org.il. GreenBook USA is collaborating with Global Chamber® to offer members a special price at 50% off for the E-card services. Reach out to Tal today! 
Last, we kindly invite you to register for our next Virtual League of Opportunities on October 16th.
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