Business Opportunities and Networking with Czech Republic and Europe

Posted by: Yvonne Luker - Global Chamber on Tuesday, September 29, 2020

We held an international virtual business networking session that introduced the audience to an update on business opportunities in Czech Republic and in the surrounding region.

Monika Prochazkova shared her knowledge and expertise. Join us on a journey... watch and listen HERE on Facebook and HERE on Youtube.

Thank you to Global Chamber® Executive Director Christopher Herring for taking us on this journey!

According to the China-CEE Institute, the coronavirus crisis has overturned plans and predictions concerning economic development for Czech Republic in 2020. A prediction of the GDP growth presented by the Ministry of Finance in January is very illustrative of this twist. A growth of 2.0 per cent was expected, whereas a May prediction replaced the figure by a slump of 5.6 per cent. This briefing is divided into two parts. The first one is based on the most recent official macro-economic prediction report elaborated by the Ministry of Finance, while the second one inquires into the start-ups field, into consequences and prospects thereof. That is because the Czech start-ups are very dynamic and promising segment of the economy with global ambitions.

Further from China-CEE Institute... Czech start-ups have been expanding abroad. Though the main focus of start-ups is still the Czech market, virtually one third have already started carrying on business in other countries, and the number is increasing. Given that the start-ups are usually highly adaptable, dynamic, disruptive and innovative, the potential for their development and international expansion is large. The majority of Czech start-ups are specialised on e-commerce and marketing, web services, agriculture, food and life science, analytics and projects management, fin-tech and legal-tech as well as transportation, logistic and mobility. Listen to the presentation by Monika to gain more insights.


About Monika Prochazkova. 

As Director of Client Development at Inclusive Surrogacy, Monika assists international clients throughout the complex surrogacy process in the US. She previously worked for governmental and non-governmental agencies where she helped small and mid-sized businesses export to foreign markets. 
Her background in diplomacy and international relations has brought her experience in mediation and advocacy which she applies to build relationships between parties and to overcome cultural and language differences.
Originally from the Czech Republic, she studied languages and business in Prague, CZ, Bournemouth, UK, and Chicago, IL. Monika has a B.A. in Diplomacy from the College of International and Public Relations, Prague, and M.A. in International Business from the Metropolitan University Prague. She resides in San Antonio, TX.

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