Special Virtual League of Landing Firms from South Korea

Posted by: Yvonne Luker - Global Chamber on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Global Chamber® is pleased to partner with Korea Innovation Center Washington DC to share key business information on 15 innovative companies from South Korea that are landing in the U.S. and around the world. Each firm has unique products of interest to U.S. and global markets. We thank member companies that agreed to be part of a trusted expert panel supporting the process in each of the three sessions. Thanks all!

Watch 5 innovative firms each in Session 1, Session 2 and Session 3.

There are 15 special companies who have presented in these 3 rounds. We encourage you to continue to connect as they grow from South Korea.

  • Connect with 15 innovative firms landing in the US and around the world.
  • Three sessions, 5 firms each... view one, two or all three sessions at the links above
  • Discover opportunities to invest, partner and collaborate across borders
  • Events in partnership with KIC - Korea Innovation Center of Vienna, Virginia
  • Connect with 20 global experts on a panel supporting the 15 firms - see all below

Presenters, Sessions 1 through 3.
Lilly Cover is a customized skincare solution. Read more. Session 1.
Industry: Manufacture (beauty device)
Core Technology: Customized skincare solution
Presenter: Sunhee Ahn, CEO (from South Korea)
I-ON Digital Corp. is a Seoul-based enterprise software company founded in 1999. After being awarded its first of six patents by 2003, the Company has since evolved into an industry-leading and recognized developer of enterprise-class unstructured data management and digital marketing software solutions. I-ON has sold to over 1,000 mid to large clients across numerous verticals in both the private and public sectors, primarily throughout South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia. The Company has 11 products at market that enable clients to create, measure, and optimizes digital experiences for their audiences across marketing channels and devices. These encompass enterprise web content management (CMS), web experience and service delivery software, digital marketing, smart mobility and analytics tools and energy management systems. I-ON’s large R&D team has designed and developed industry-leading technologies that are compliant with global standards including GS (Good Software) and NET (New Excellent Technology), while holding numerous domestic and global industry awards and recognition from the likes of Gartner and Red Herring. Read more. Session 1.
Industry: Software development and provision (sports data analysis)
Core Technology: Sport data analysis platform
Presenter: Bruce Lee - Head of International Business (from S. Korea)
Dtonic specializes in treating spatio-temporal (space and time) big data and providing data analytics and data engineering services for specialized Industry 4.0 industries. Dtonic has developed an innovative spatio-temporal big data engine, which allows cost-effective, high-speed, and easy big data aggregation, storing, processing, and analysis of large big data sets across computer clusters. Wherever there is big data containing both space and time information, Geo-Hiker can be applied. Read more. Session 1.
Industry: I.T. and A.I. Big Data
Core Technology: Geo-Hiker spatio-temporal big data engine
Presenter: Noora Lee, Global Business Manager (from S. Korea)
Wellscare dreams of a Wellbeing & Healthy Life. It is the lifestyle of pursuing the healthy and happy life of modern people. Living in their hectic life that they have very little time to visit hospitals. Read more. Session 1.
Industry: Manufacture (medical device)
Core Technology: Self-treatment device for pain disorders
Presenter: Joony Suh, Global Sales Director (from Toronto)
Pasa Medi manufactures and markets sleep products. Read more. Session 1.
Industry: Manufacture (medical device)
Core Technology: Sleep products
Presenter: Jay Park, CFO (from New York)
 Dot Watch is a new sense of time. Enjoy every second. The Dot Watch lets you experience time in a completely new way: without sound, just by yourself. It provides direct access to all the practical features you need so many times throughout each day: Time and Date, Alarm Clock, Timer and Stopwatch. It even tells you the time down to the second. Truly, a new sense of time. Read more. Session 2.
Industry: Software development and provision (blindness support)
Core Technology: Braille smartwatch
Presenter: Eric Kim, CEO
CLASSUM is a combination of two words: Class and Forum. We want to bring students, staff, and educators together in one digital environment to encourage interaction and collaboration in and out of class just like a forum. Let's make every learning space a place where anyone can discover their full potential. Read more. Session 2.
Industry: Software development for class management.
Core Technology: Class management platform.
Presenter: Youjin Choi - COO & Co-founder
Fingram is focused on building codecs and designing solutions that

maximize the performance of mobile imaging, data, video and Computer Graphics.

We believe these solutions can help our customers save cost for memory, storage and bandwidth and
help our customers deliver higher end-user satisfaction. Read more. Session 2.

Industry: Software development for video compressing
Core Technology: Video compressing program
Presenter: Min-Hyung Kim - CEO

Full Dive Technology Co.,Ltd develops and advances the technology for communicating sensory information. We adapt a sensory tech into VR/AR/XR.
Our Value is to give people a premium reality experience. We have a sense in the ‘SENTIR’. SENTIR helps you get a wonderful experience. We’ll give you realize a special experience in realistic virtual world. Read moreSession 2.
Industry: Manufacture of haptic glove
Core Technology: VR-based haptic glove
Presenter: Albert Lee - CEO
Dr. Tail creates access all pet medical records in one place. 

Records received by email are automatically saved in the app for uses according to your need. Read more. Session 2.


Industry: Software development for pet records in the cloud
Core Technology: Cloud platform
Presenter: Dae Hwa Lee, Founder & CEO
Blue Print Lab utilizes 3D facial scanning to create user experiences that are both useful and fun. We find creative new ways to employ artificial intelligence, such as recommending glasses that best fit your face. We utilize real-time 3D facial scanning and augmented reality (AR) technology to create a realistic try on experience with 3D rendered products. Session 3.
Industry: Software development for customizing glasses
Core Technology: AI-based glasses recommendation platform
Presenter: Charlie Shin
DYPHI found an unmet need in helping the elderly via automated technologies that measure physical performance using cutting-edge sensor technologies derived from robotics. The goal have DYPHI has been to build instruments which can measure physical performance of older adults that is 1) highly standardized with minimal inter-observer variability, 2) easy to admin with minimal training, 3) quickly performed in less than 2-3 minutes and 4) automatized risk assessment data on sarcopenia, future fall-down and frailty. Session 3.
Industry: Manufacture (medical device)
Core Technology: Physical performance evaluation device
Presenter: Mr. Yoon
GSIL is a company specializing In construction safety management systems. The smart construction safety management system uses IOT/ICT technology to establish a seven-phase system including Worker Management, Safety Examination of Equipment, Risk Assessment, Work Permission, Vulnerable Sites, Process Management and Disaster Management. The Worker Locating System provides real-time information regarding who is working where. We offer various systems including one for equipment safety examinations that checks and monitors equipment using an objective list; a risk assessment system that identifies risk levels, causes for work hazards and provides information for workers; and a disaster management system that offers a correspondence manual in case of accidents. Session 3.
Industry: Software development for safety management system
Core Technology: AI-based safety management system
Presenter: Victoria Ji - Founder
 PinMR™ technology by LetinAR is the next generation AR optic technology. Its invention was inspired by the pinhole effect, the process of placing a pinhole before the human retina resulting in clearer images of the object. By switching pinholes with tiny mirrors, the light from a micro-display can be reflected and guided into the pupils. The mirrors are invisible to the human eye – seamlessly along with real-world images. PinMR™ with its incomparable performance resolves the issues identified by consumers and AR companies so far, establishing itself as the frontrunner of the field. Session 3. 
Industry: Manufacture (AR device)
Core Technology: Portable AR device 
Presenter: JaehYeok Kim
 OSD (ONE SMARTDIET) makes it simple and easy to measure, analyze and monitor your body composition. Body composition is more important than Weight. Body composition management is now a health care essential. You don't need to go to the hospital or fitness center for body composition analysis. Session 3.
Industry: Manufacture (medical device)
Core Technology: Portable Bio-impedence Analyzer
Presenter: Douglas Lee
Panel of 20 Trusted Business Experts
Mary Teagarden, Doug Guthrie, Bill Youngdahl and Patrick Lynch - Thunderbird School of Global Management. Thunderbird educates global leaders and managers in order for them to maximize the benefits of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Thunderbird is a long-time sponsor and inspiration for Global Chamber®.
Mi Jeong Hibbitts - President at Robert & William and Executive Director at Global Chamber® Balt/Wash DC. Robert & William LLC offers boutique international trade and marketing consultancy helping companies of all sizes in foreign market entry and expansion between US and Asia. Global Chamber® is a growing and collaborating community of CEOs, executives and leaders in 525 metro regions around the world.
David Saltzman - Partner at Squire Patton Boggs. Squire Patton Boggs (SPB) is a full-service global law firm providing a multidisciplinary team of over 1,500 lawyers in 45 offices across 20 countries. SPB provides unrivaled access to expertise and invaluable connections on the ground. David is located in Palo Alto.
Jeff Pappas - Executive Vice President of Site Selection & Brokerage at ESRP.  The Global Site Selection practice at ESRP specializes in providing site selection services, incentive negotiations, BPO Partnering, M&A Services and real estate site procurement for the BPO/contact services industry, assisting clients to find an ideal market and location.
Chuck Kim - COO at Executive DigitalExecutive Digital is a leading enterprise-level, SEO-first, full-service digital marketing agency focused on creating true value and ROI. The firm can help Korean companies grow their brand and business in the USA through effective Digital Marketing Strategies.
Dwight Winkler - Consultant. Global Executive who has lived and worked in Asia, Africa and the Middle East over decades focused on telecom and technology. Proven track record with major multi-nationals raising and structuring trade financing, sales operations, procurement and budget control.
Russ Yelton - President at Yelton & Associates. The firm provides economic development services to companies and communities. They establish business incubators and accelerators and have experience assisting foreign companies in a "Soft Landing" programs to ensure that they have access to tax and workforce incentives (Arizona and others).
Emily Reynolds and Frank Levene - International Project Manager at Avitus Group. The firm supports international companies expanding into the United States. At any stage, Avitus steps in and helps with entity formation and setup, to getting the proper insurances in place, recruiting US employees, managing payroll and US accounting and tax filing.
Ligia McLean - CEO of Global Advisory & Business Development Services (GABDS, LLC). Ligia assists in creating partnerships and areas of advancement. Though deep experience in the aerospace community, Ligia offers profound expertise with international industrial collaborations that create new opportunities.
Ricardo Rascon - Marketing Manager at TetakawiFor firms thinking about manufacturing in N. America and looking for the quickest, most cost-effective, and risk-averse way to expand, Tetakawi supports success. Over the last 30+ years, Tetakawi has helped thousands of foreign manufacturers investigate, launch, operate and thrive in Mexico. 
Floyd Deschamps - President at The Desner Group. The firm does international consulting focusing on research and engineering management for both public and private sectors clients. The Desner Group applies expertise 30 years of expertise in designing and managing projects on complex energy systems, developing science and technology policy, conducting technology assessments and designing and analyzing energy and climate change policy.
Ericha Hartz – Global Partnership Director at reesmarxreesmarx is a Global Expansion Recruitment firm with a focus on Business Consulting, Compliance, and High-Touch Recruitment. The firm has helped countless companies fill roles Globally and navigate through the complexity of expanding into new markets and regions.
Mike Patterson – Partner for Business, Corporate, M&A, Securities, International at Spencer Fane LLP. The firm shares leaders who take the time to know your business. This allows not just for execution, but rather, execution that is measured and accurate. We help our clients pick their battles. Fight hard when needed, negotiate when called for.
Arra Yerganian – Chief Revenue Officer at ZorroSign. ZorroSign is a Digital Business Platform (DBP) built ground up on a (patent pending) private permissions based blockchain. The platform enables businesses to go digital by transforming all their paper based, manual and/or semi digital transactions into an advanced Digital Transaction Management (DTM).
Murat Wahab - Principal Owner at Hakim Saya. Murat has a unique international banking and funding background one Hakim Saya is a boutique consulting firm based in San Francisco providing targeted financing solutions to Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Small Medium Enterprises. ​They have particular expertise between the US and Asia and their services include access to capital and banking infrastructure.
Additional experts added...
Hy Goldstoff - Founder/CEO at InterSoft Associates. A software consultancy.
Kim William Gordon - Principal at Telementoris. Adaptive Learning Technology (ALT).
Lelani Craig - President/CEO at CommGap. Full service translation, interpretation and localization agency.
Catherine Jiang - Manager at Jiang Law Firm and Partner at S Choice Consulting. Immigration law and more.
Alex Devereux - Founder and Consultant at The Devereux Group International. Strategic performance and leadership management. 
About Korea Innovation Center Washington DC: KICDC.org is a non-profit organization funded by the Korean government on a mission of creating and improving the global startup ecosystem. KIC discovers and incubates promising Korean tech-startups by connecting market experts with top tier accelerators that provide industry-specific training programs. More than 120 Korean startups participate in the KIC program annually and interact with mentors and market enablers. KIC always welcomes partners from various sectors to build a vibrant tech startup network.

Event Facilitator: Doug Bruhnke - Founder/CEO of Global Chamber®. Doug is a global entrepreneur dedicated to helping members of Global Chamber® successfully reach new markets across 525 metros - everywhere! He is a two-time expat with Dupont in Tokyo and Singapore with over 30 years of global business experience in nearly all countries and segments. Doug is also regional advisor for U.S. Global Leadership Coalition and a member of global groups including Arizona District Export Council. He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Utah and an EMBA from Michigan State University, and is co-inventor on 5 patents. Doug was born in Mt. Kisco, New York and now is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and Palo Alto, California. Hear the Global Chamber® story here.

About Global Chamber®: Global Chamber® is a growing and collaborating community of CEOs, executives and leaders in 525 metro regions around the world... connecting member businesses to new opportunities and advancing growth and success. It's the only chamber of commerce in the world operating in hundreds of locations that helps exporting, importing and investing members to connect through warm introductions to clients, partners, projects and resources. Global Chamber® is a registered trademark of Global Chamber, LLC.



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