League of Opportunities (October 2020)

Posted by: Yvonne Luker - Global Chamber on Friday, October 16, 2020

Global Chamber® presented the latest Virtual League of Opportunities this week with 5 new business ideas for consideration. We connected these executives to prospective investors, clients and partners from around the world.

The Virtual League of Opportunities is a recurring forum where we have members of the global tribe share new ideas and opportunities to gain access to funding, clients, partners and more.
Members exchange information about their ideas and answer questions for possible buyers/investors/clients/etc. The recording is on YouTube but in a private room for attendees only. Reach out to our HQ for more information, and see the content from those presenting today below.


Yfret is a US based company with a subsidiary in India.  It is founded by Tina Mani, who has been in the customer experience space for 8+ yrs, They have an AI enabled personalization engine and have now launched a voice commerce platform. Their goal is to transform one-sided digital interactions to rich conversational experiences, hence building a strong connect to the customer. Their product offerings are voice/chat based marketing platform , Voice commerce (full shopping experiences) and personalization engine for your ecommerce website & app. Presenter: Tina Mani, CEO


Green Fox is an innovative company producing the Safe Air, an innovative device that helps eliminate particulate matter such as allergens, bacteria and viruses from the environment. The innovation was conceived by a work team from the University of Sonora. Its effectiveness in combating the SARS-CoV-2 virus is currently being tested. In laboratory tests, the device proved capable of removing fine and ultra-fine particulate matter (PM1 to PM10) from the environment, using negative ionization and ultraviolet rays. Safe Air can reduce the risk of contagion of diseases such as COVID-19 by aerosol in closed environments. Presenter: Christian Aguirre, GC Sonora.



Haix is at the fore-front of AI innovation with cutting-edge solutions, R&D in X AI. They help Organizations with Explainable AI solutions quickly in weeks (vs. months) at lower cost, across many verticals such as: Financial Services, Sustainability and more. Intelligence is a quality that is unique to humans. Haix's Vision is to amplify Human Intelligence with Explainable (transparent) AI solutions in a sustainable way. AI has great benefits, but little visibility on the process of it's output. Explainable AI is the new frontier. Presenter: Raj Muppala and Emi Hanado.



IDEACITY is specialized in marketing and co-development of the UV-C disinfection devices in cooperation with the manufacturer, Clearwin Korea co., ltd. Since our involvement in this UV-C technology, we’ve been developing products based on continuous R & D investment and novel ideas that are completely original and new in the global market. CLEARWIN, the world’s first non-powered “Escalator Handrail Sanitizer” has been exported to more than 45 countries world-wide. Also, the CLEARSCAN, the pen-type “Portable UV-C Sanitizer” will be released this week. Our authentically manufactured UV-C germicidal lamp has been proven to have a 99.99% efficacy against COVID-19. Our disinfection devices will be one of the most practical methods in protecting you and your loved ones from the global pandemic. Presenter: Aron Park.



With base in Peru, the Red Internacional de Negocios (RIN) is the first organization which is a business opportunities mediator, locally and internationally. Through its business platform and the business brokers network and their members in each country where the RIN operates, facilitates the contact and finishing the deals in diverse aspects such as: Company buyout/sellout, searching for investments/partners and intermediating in trade deals. Presenter: Silvia Lama, Business Director.




Yvonne Luker - Global Chamber

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