Globinar and Podcast on Trade with Dan Ujczo of Dickinson Wright

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Friday, October 30, 2020

Global Chamber® was pleased to sit down with top trade expert Dan Ujczo of Dickinson Wright for an update on tariffs, USMCA and more.

As an exporter, importer or investor... how will trade deal changes impact your business in 2020, 2021 and beyond? What changes can you expect? What opportunities exist to stay one step ahead?

Listen the podcast here.

Watch the conversation on youtube here.

Dan is the world's premier expert on USMCA and by listening in you'll get a clear and concise view of what's next and how best to be ready. 


  • Compliance changes and what exporters and importers can/should do now
  • Evolution of managed trade and how it will continue under President Biden
  • Impact of the pandemic on trade, and what is expected going forward
  • Contrasting the impact of the pandemic with the post 9/11 economic downturn
  • China and the impact on trade including rare earths strategic supply
  • Updates on tariffs, the US-China trade war, WTO and USMCA
  • The steel market in North America and what's expected going forward
  • The automotive market and the impact of electric vehicles on supply chains
  • How companies can be prepared for the expected markets in 2021

Get ready! Be prepared!

Expert: Daniel Ujczo - Practice Group Chair, Int'l & Regional Practices at Dickinson Wright
Daniel Ujczo - Practice Group Chair, International & Regional Practices at Dickinson Wright PLLC. Dan is an international trade and customs lawyer who specializes in Canada-United States matters. In addition to his legal practice, Dan has responsibility for coordinating the firm’s innovative Canada-US Platform where he collaborates with more than 400 Dickinson Wright attorneys who regularly assist businesses that have cross-border issues such as customs and compliance, corporate structuring, M&A, taxation, business immigration, intellectual property protection, and financial incentives. 
Dan also provides public policy counsel to governmental officials and corporate leaders in areas of regulatory cooperation, border security, economic development, labor mobility, corporate social responsibility, and public-private-partnerships. A US-licensed lawyer, Dan is one of the few individuals that has served in the US and Canadian governments, private practice, and academia. 
Prior to joining Dickinson Wright, Dan served as an officer in Canada’s foreign ministry where he was responsible for coordinating a network of government departments and Canada-US industry associations toward improving North America’s borders and ports-of-entry.  Dan also served as a liaison between government officials in Canada and the US, as well as routinely assisted companies in dealings with Canada-US regulatory agencies.

Moderator: Doug Bruhnke - Founder/CEO of Global Chamber®. Doug is a global entrepreneur dedicated to helping members of Global Chamber® successfully reach new markets across 525 metros - everywhere! He is a two-time expat with Dupont in Tokyo and Singapore with 33+ years of global business experience in nearly all countries and segments. Doug is also regional advisor for U.S. Global Leadership Coalition and a member of Arizona District Export Council, British American Business Council of Northern California and more. He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Utah and an EMBA from Michigan State University, and is co-inventor on 5 patents. Doug was born in Mt. Kisco, New York and now is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and Palo Alto, California. Hear the Global Chamber® story here.

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