Taking Steps to Impact Positive Regional and Global Change

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Global Chamber® is dedicated to supporting members and having a positive impact on the world.

We are NOT political. We don't advocate for candidates, and we never get involved in partisan battles.

So today as Americans vote, we don't have any advice other than VOTE.

Based on our values that we shared here, we also created 10 considerations in voting... because elected officials can assist to make our business and personal lives easier, as we recently heard from Mayor Kate Gallego here and Mayor Ron Nirenberg here

Business and government CAN work together in harmony, supporting companies and communities to grow and prosper. We can all make a difference to select the right people who understand and can capably deliver collaborative success.

You have all the reasons you have to pick a candidate. Here are some additional thoughts on how to evaluate leaders who could make positive global business change.

Does she or he...

  1. Diligently support regional and global trade through words and deeds.
  2. Work to make cross regional investment easier, and help with those connections.
  3. Advocate for less corruption and fewer obstacles like tariffs and non-tariff barriers.
  4. Have a global mindset and build friendly relationships across regions and markets.
  5. Openly respect everyone in the community. Advance diversity and gender balance.
  6. Demonstrate honesty and integrity at all times, and never engage in disinformation.
  7. Believe in fairness, justice and a level playing field for the global tribe to compete.
  8. Understand responsibility, accountability and working with the business community.
  9. Articulate the importance of rights for owners AND workers. Strike a balance.
  10. Buy-in to the idea that we can make peoples' lives and the world better, together.

We encourage everyone to set aside partisan issues and come together to improve the world.

We also suggest that business leaders everywhere take the time to know their regional government officials... they can make a difference in your business. I've been personally spoiled by living in Arizona for most of the last 10 years and because of being a smaller state it's been easier to meet Mayors, Senators and Representatives... and there are so many good ones, on both sides of the aisle.

An example of a good leader for business that we've worked with over the years is Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, who I met when she was a Representative Sinema for the district covering our headquarters in Scottsdale. She was anxious to learn more and eventually helped a number of our members including exporter Martek (Tempe, AZ) as part of her efforts to preserve and protect the Export Import Bank, which worked! EXIM Bank lived on another day and continues to support mainly small companies in their exporting.

It seems that most Mayors on both sides of the aisle in metro Phoenix are action oriented and supportive of companies that are landing and exporting. Mayor Jim Lane of Scottsdale (R) and Mayor Kate Gallego (D) are two excellent examples from both sides of the aisle who have been supporters of global business in words and action.

In fact the list above was constructed by thinking about the good qualities of all three of these leaders. They've all 3 demonstrated the qualities necessary to move their region and the world forward, and I wish we had more like them. Keep engaging and voting!

Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber®



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