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Posted by: Christopher Herring - Global Chamber on Monday, November 9, 2020

We were honored to feature Charles O’Neal as our keynote speaker, President of the Texas Association of African American Chambers of Commerce (TAAACC), a statewide network of Texas’ 25 Black chambers of commerce. TAAACC works to encourage uniformity and cooperation among the chambers to provide a strong economic base and improve business conditions for all Black business enterprises throughout the state of Texas.

Listen to the conversation HERE.

Charles O’Neal also serves as Chairman of the board of the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc.

Prior to leading TAAACC, Charles O’Neal was Lead Consultant for Strategique where he used his broad business and development experience to assist a wide spectrum of clients understand bottom-line issues associated with business formation.

Previously, Charles O'Neal served as President and Vice President of the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce (DBCC) where he was responsible for executing the mission of the nation’s oldest and largest African American chamber of commerce. He has demonstrated excellence in execution through advocacy, public policy development, convention and tourism development and delivery of technical assistance.

Across a long history of involvement in the Dallas community, Charles O’Neal served as the DBCC’s Main Street Manager, working with community based organizations, realtors, utilities, insurance and financial institutions and was instrumental in creating the MLK Boulevard Merchants Association. A 20-plus year, award-winning career in the newspaper business provides the backdrop for his insight into the inner-workings of city, state and national issues, and he helps shape credible opinions on the entire spectrum of the African American Experience.

In the conversation captured at the link above, you'll appreciate his knowledge and candidness!

We also heard from Joel Engulu, who is from the DRC and is a full-time graduate student at University of Texas San Antonio. In addition he services at Deputy Director of Global Chamber San Antonio. Joel was a featured speaker for DREAMWEEK and he also contributed to this program by bringing his personal perspective of the DRC and Africa. 


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