IRS Trouble: International Penalty Abatement

Date: August 29, 2019
Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am

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Eide Bailly

IRS Trouble: International Penalty Abatement

Time: 10am Pacific Time

Course Description
Do you have international penalties that seem to just keep piling up? Offshore compliance remains a top priority for the IRS. Filing the appropriate forms by their due date can be overwhelming, and filing international tax forms incorrectly can subject you to large penalties. Although stressful and challenging, coming into compliance is important is the only way to stop ongoing penalties and eliminate past penalties. This webinar will discuss international penalty abatement in a post offshore voluntary disclosure program world and discuss the proper steps to take to help streamline your process. 

Learning Objectives: 
- Discuss International and IRS Regulation
- Review penalties and the best way to mitigate risk
- Identify best compliance practices 

CPE Information
CPE Credits: 1
Field of Study: Taxes
Level of Knowledge: Basic
Delivery Method: Web-Based Group Session

Additional Information:
These are web-group seminars. No prerequisites or advanced preparation required. For information regarding refund, complaint and program cancellation policies, please contact Jason McKeever at 701.476.8773.