PHX 2019 Arizona STEM and Innovation Summit

Date: September 17, 2019
Location:  Show map
Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts
Scottsdale, AZ
Contact: Dr. Jeremy Babendure

2019 Arizona STEM & Innovation Program

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STEM-Comm: Communicating STEM Stories (#AZSTEMComm) Join conversations of how we can collaboratively increase STEM awareness for ALL Arizonans.

-          Pardon My Science! 

-          STEMtales: A Storytelling Celebration 

-          DI&Why

-          Arizona's Got STEM Talent

-          Connecting the Dots Between Art and Engineering


Tricks of the Trade for a STEM Kickstarter (#STEMKickstarter) Best practices to plan, promote, engage your community, and build partnerships for your STEM events.

-          Maintaining STEM Programing for the Long Haul 

-          Like, Love, Share

-          Reverse Engineering STEAM Events

-          Building Community Relationships

-          STEAMing Up the Library: programming for adults

-          Going from You and Me to We: How to build and sustain STEM partners

-          Fail Often, Succeed Sooner: Assessment in Project-Based Learning

-          STEM on a Dime: Discover STEM with Treasures 4 Teachers


Homegrown Innovation (#HomegrownSTEM) Learn about past, present, and future trends in the AZ STEM Ecosystem

-          Entrepreneurship: The 21st Century Skill 

-          The Future of Film and Digital Media in Arizona

-          The Science of Construction 

-          The 3D digital future and beyond! 

-          Arizona’s Fintech Ecosystem & Opportunities 

-          Plumber or Pilot: What is the difference in Space?

-          Launching pad: How Arizona prepares citizen soldiers for careers in STEM

-          Apprenticeship Now!

-          Crafting your legacy – A career in Construction

-          Meet the [insert discipline here] Engineer!


Mother Nature and STEM (#NatureSTEM) Sustainability and natural sciences were the most requested topics so get your fill by following this track.

-          It's (not) Easy Going Green

-          “Waste” and the 3 R’s

-          Protecting Native Fauna

-          Virtual Expedition-Climate Change

-          AgriTech Education in K-12

-          The Importance of Connecting People to Nature

-          Rural Arizona Water Education Project


STEM Ecosystem (#STEMeco) Explore how federal, state and city leaders are teaming with Arizona’s STEM Ecosystem to build opportunities for Arizona.

-          Keynote with Steve Seleznow from Arizona Community Foundation 

-          Give STEM a Sporting Chance 

-          Putting the A(rts) in STEM

-          Recruitment and Retention for STEM Educators

-          Chicas in Tech

-          Make it Happen! Student voice in policy

-          Mayor's Policy Roundtable 


STEM Workshops (#STEMWorkshop) Diverse workshops to enhance your STEM skills.

-          Inspiring Career Confidence for All Students PreK-12

-          Air Pollution: More than Just Science!

-          A Taste of Raspberry (Pi) Jam

-          CREATE on Wheels

-          Coding and Creativity Using Sphero

-          Modern Robotics in Education

-          Let’s Explore the Phenomena Based Instruction

-          Using storytelling to propel STEM education

-          Teaching Girls to Code and Change the World