Webinar Hybrid Lead Gen Model for Professionals Session 2

Date: January 16, 2020
Time: 2:00 am - 3:00 am
Contact: Olivia Montes


Hybrid Lead Gen Model for Professionals

January 16th, 2am in NYC (US Eastern Time)

Toward the end of last year and then over the holidays I learned more about a lead gen model that appears to be incredibly effective, and so we are sharing it with you.

I doubt that you’ve seen anything like this. It’s as unique as it is brilliant. It’s the brainchild of Tom Poland who’s the best-selling author of the Leadsology® series.

I’m so impressed with Tom’s approach to lead gen that I’m inviting our global tribe to attend his next live lead gen “demo” that’s specifically for professionals offering service, advice or software.

Tom only does these live demos once a month and the next one is going down in around 7 days time … but please note that Tom has a “no-replay” policy so you will need to attend live.

Most impressive to me was his description of all the things that most people use... that are ineffective. And so I think you're really going to enjoy this session and learn a lot!

Join us on January 16th by clicking HERE. Session 2 on January 16th is best for Australia, India and Europe.

There's also a session on January 15th HERE that is best for the US and New Zealand.

Doug Bruhnke - CEO of Global Chamber®

 Note: There is NO replay.