DEN Mission Control Productivity Workshop

Date: January 30 - 31, 2020
Time: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Location:  Show map
Castle Lantz Maricle Murray, LLC
4100 East Mississippi Ave
Suite 410
Denver, CO 80246

Mission Control Productivity Workshop - For Power, Freedom and Peace of Mind

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This program is for anyone in an organization that wants to be more productive and less stressed. It focuses towards aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, CEO's, VP's, managers, groups, or teams who have large accountabilities, big commitments and a lot to do and handle in life.  This program works!!!

Purpose of the program:

Power, Freedom and Peace of Mind regarding everything you have to do and handle in life.

Create the experience of a new level of focus and energy so you are empowered to be fully present with what is in front of you with less stress and less overwhelm.   Maximum productivity is the result.    

Workshop addresses through interactions, workshop syllabus and  modules Power, Freedom and Peace of Mind regarding EVERYTHING you have to do and handle in life. Separately, we look at Integrity as the foundation for workability.  

First we have discussions on:

  • Power, Freedom and Peace of Mind regarding EVERYTHING you have to do and handle in life
  • How to shift from a world of "to many things to do" to a world that manages actions and commitments 
  • Alignment of one’s commitments so that integrity is present (eliminates internal conflict and either/or choices)
  • The importance of your relationship with your word and doing what you say you will do, and the impact your word has on others
  • Integrity as your fundamental relationship with yourself and honoring your word 
  • Deepening your understanding of promises and requests so nothing gets dropped out (using computers, tablets, calendars, smartphones, lists etc.)
  • The end of just leaving things hanging - living a world of being complete 
  • Learning new work practices for dealing with meetings, email, multitasking, scheduling, calendaring and alot more
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness with less experience of stress and overwhelm in one’s daily work and personal life

People have reported: 

  • Empowered relationship with being your word
  • Return 1 to 4 hours of lost time daily
  • Experience less stress and overwhelm regarding all you have to do and handle in life
  • Tools and techniques for putting the workshop methodology into immediate action
  • Shift in your relationship with your integrated commitments (resolves work/life conflict and life balance issues)
  • Ability to produce results with less effort
  • Increased productivity as individuals, teams and organizations
  • Increased sense of confidence in the face of unexpected demands
  • Support the successful meeting of organizational deadlines
  • People delivering on their goals and objectives both personally and organizationally
  • Being responsible for when they do not deliver on promised actions
  • Reduce the experience of email overload
  • More effective and productive meetings
  • Ability to distinguish activities "doing stuff" from producing results
  • Increased ability to focus on activities that produce results
  • A new relationship with Multitasking 
  • New levels of service delivery to clients
  • Less being dropped out

Nearly 25,000 people around the world have participated in Mission Control workshops and programs
since 2001.


What People are saying about Mission Control

“Since taking Mission Control, I’ve had a 100% increase in productivity. I now have control over my work and I’m working on the things that truly make a difference for my company. And, my peace of mind has increased because I am able to be truthful about when things are going to be done. Now if I say it is going to be done, it’s done. It’s priceless.”