Trade Mission to Budapest, Hungary

Date: September 12 - 20, 2020

Trade Mission to Budapest

Contact: Joanna Moore -

Regardless of the major worldwide challenges and economic breakdown due to Covid-19, Hungary in the EU seems to be in a rather unique position, both as it comes to its current recovery and economic growth as well as the very low number of confirmed daily cases (around 10 / day, 500 in total out of a population of 10 million). 

This puts Hungary at the spotlight, where this innovative EU member state is still able to encourage and help those countries worldwide, who are much more challenged by the major effects of the global pandemic on their economies. 

Ever since June, 2020 Hungary is “back in business” once again attracting the largest number of FDI within the region as well as establishing an increasing number of global partnerships to support other countries / states in stimulating their struggling economies. 

As analysts suggest, most likely with the restructuring of the global supply chains due to Covid-19, Hungary will be one of the major beneficiaries as most Fortune 500 companies will be completely relocating their production facilities to somewhere “closer” and “safer” to prevent any major future interruptions in their supply chains such as the ones happening right along the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic.

This puts Hungary in the spotlight as one of the best places to do business in the EU as well as around the globe as Hungary offers a very diverse, highly trained and capable labor pool as well as very low production costs compared to almost any other country in the EU. 

Therefore an August trade mission to Hungary is a great opportunity for any US business, company or state government currently looking for opportunities to get back on track and get out of the current downfall by increasing international trade and building valuable partnerships with successful Hungarian companies (looking to expand their US presence), world class educational and research institutions, as well as the Hungarian Government. 

Major industries to explore: 

- Automotive (autonomous driving, IoT, smart cities, 5G, etc.)

- ICT - Space and Aerospace - Lifesciences - Pharma 

- Medical - Agriculture - Business Services

- Logistics - Electronics - Manufacturing 

- Education - R&D - Startups 

Proposed meetings: Contact Joanna (link above to email).