24th Annual DATOS Arizona Hispanic Market

Date: October 15, 2020


24th Annual DATOS: The State of Arizona's Hispanic Market 

An event by Arizona Hispanic Chamber, read more HERE. This event is FREE.

Featuring Keynote Speaker, Dr. Victor Rios, Dean of Social Sciences and Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara

Education is at the forefront of this year’s DATOS release. The Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce continuously seeks to reframe the narrative of educational mobility in marginalized communities. Showcasing both the contributions and struggles that Latinos are currently undergoing within the education sector amidst a pandemic serves as a reminder that change is necessary to serve ALL students. While systemic inequities continue and resource allocation and opportunity are substantially disproportionate for students of color, the chamber highlights this issue to pose reform and celebrate the advancements of the Latinx community despite the significant challenges.

For 24 years, the AZHCC has published DATOS: The State of Arizona’s Hispanic Market, the most comprehensive compilation of research on the impact of Hispanics on the Arizona marketplace. The annual DATOS report, published by the AZHCC, shows the overall economic impact of the state’s fast-growing Latino population. The report features data and analysis on a broad range of issues, including small business ownership, health care, demographics, technology, education, mass media, and how these topics impact the Latino and non-Latino communities statewide.

Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce partnered with Vitalyst Health Foundation to provide a new lens for DATOS. This dynamic framework explores data on Arizona Hispanics with relation to the social determinants of public health including, but not limited to, education, economic opportunity, and health care. There are 12 such elements of a healthy community and every year DATOS will select one for a deep dive perspective. This year in addition to sharing data on the Hispanic population and business as we do every year, we will highlight Education. DATOS provides a comprehensive overview by subject matter experts.

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