TechStars Startup Weekend Arizona Main Event

Date: October 23 - 25, 2020


Global Chamber is pleased to be a supporter of this event.

Next Foundation is partnering with Google, Techstars and Founder Institute, two of the worlds' largest startup accelerators, to launch the first-ever, statewide Startup Weekend Arizona online event. 


Register: HERE

Registration Deadline: Oct 18th
Event Dates: Oct 23-25th

The Startup Weekend Impact Startup Weekend is an action-based, educational event focused on giving aspiring entrepreneurs a fun and powerful experience in how to launch a product or startup in 54 hours. Attendees may come in with little more than a desire to start a company, but can leave with having built a team and launched a real company in 3 days.    

Statewide and Online

It's an amazing experience that has proven to translate really well to an online format.  Our team helped build a national event focused on COVID startups back in April. We had over 1,000 attendees register to attend, and formed 100+ startup teams in just one weekend.  

We decided to bring that success back home and create a uniquely Arizona experience that can truly unify all corners of our large and diverse state around its entrepreneurial spirit.  By moving the event online, we make the program equally accessible to so many geographically and demographically underserved communities.    

Uniquely Arizona Themes

We have also created recruiting projects and team participation from across a wide range of uniquely Arizona strengths including:

  • Agriculture Technology

  • Mining Technology

  • Security & Defense

  • Solar & Environment Tech

  • Healthcare Technology

  • Financial Technology

  • Education Technology

  • Space Technologies

As well as cornerstone themes like 

  • Creative and Entertainment

  • Local & Small Business

  • Digital, Web & Mobile

  • Social & Community Impact

Click the link above to register and learn more.

Why Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekend isn't just a standard online class.  It's an "action" event designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs come together and launch innovative businesses in a single weekend.  Attendees may come in with little more than a desire to start a company, but can leave with having built a team and launched a real company in 3 days.    

Startup Weekend has brought together 150,000 entrepreneurs across 150 countries through 3,000 in-person events.  Attendees are put through a crucible of hard, collaborative work that brings people together.  Alumni companies include high profile success stories like and Zapier. 

Why Statewide and Online?

With a virtual event, we can deliver the unique Startup Weekend experience to every corner of Arizona without the natural bias toward the population centers of Phoenix and Tucson.  Any entrepreneur living anywhere in the state, including those in smaller communities that would struggle to draw enough attendees for this kind of event, are able to join together easily online.

With this broad access in mind, we are featuring several uniquely Arizona verticals that we can use in making our event and messaging relevant to a wide range of Arizonans. We are featuring strong Arizona sectors like Education Techechnology, Agriculture, Mining, Space Technologies, Solar, and more.  

And finally, our team is experienced in making Startup Weekend an amazing virtual experience. In April, members of our core SWAZ organizing team helped Techstars develop the playbook for the new virtual Startup Weekend event, while organizing “Unite to Fight COVID-19”, the largest Startup Weekend event in US history.