Globinar Achieving Global Business Success by Understanding Cultures

Date: November 24, 2020
Time: 6:00 am - 7:15 am
ZOOM Virtual
Contact: Global Chamber

Achieving Global Business Success by Understanding Culture

Globalization is accelerating international trade. Culture affects how trade executives think and act as individuals and within organizations. For optimum cross border success, it is imperative to understand and acknowledge each other’s cultural traits and beliefs. For this globinar, we are speaking with business leaders about their experience, and an expert on cross-cultural issues, to help executives navigate cross border business for more success. 

Join us November 24th... 6am PT / 9am ET / 8pm in Bangladesh. Event will run for 75 minutes.

How culture is relevant in business: With the improvement in communication and travel media, the world is becoming smaller by day. As a result we are presented with an opportunity to collaborate and do business with people from all around the world like never before. 

Understanding the culture of the people with whom you are dealing is important to successful business interactions and to accomplishing business objectives. 

We also need to minimize the possibility of cross-cultural misunderstandings so we can benefit from our differences. 

While dealing in this multicultural market being considerate about certain aspects can help us in the business journey. These may include: :

  • How culture impacts the way people value time and deadlines.
  • How people respond to management and authority.
  • How people perceive verbal and physical communications.
  • How people make decisions.
  • How they negotiate etc.

Reflecting on these points can surely improve the quality of business interactions. 

Importance of Cultural aspect in Business: 

  • Understanding a business counterpart’s culture can surely help the entrepreneur or intrepreneurs  make better business decisions.
    For example, one can get a better idea about people’s feelings towards uncertainty, local practices, government relations etc.
  • Entrepreneurs can make predictions about the local market and take advantage of untapped opportunities. 
  • In a cross cultural work environment, it’s easier to understand how to manage people better.
  • Helps to understand when to enter a market, how people might negotiate or do a deal etc. 
  • Minimizes cross cultural misunderstandings. For small companies, misunderstandings can be very crucial.

Working in a global environment requires understanding of various etiquettes, mindsets and how individuals respond on the business table based on their unique regional traits. Entrepreneurs and professionals need to be aware of culture. This will surely lead to more tangible goals for the company in terms of higher sales or increased profits.
Moreover, getting introduced with different cultures in the world will assist to grow the network of businesses.


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Keynote Speaker Bios

Raihan Hadi  

Managing Partner & CEO at Galaxie AG

Raihan is a seasoned professional with experience in diverse industries. Starting his career 22 years ago for his family business as a merchandiser in their buying house, Raihan has more than 20 years of hands on training and practice in RMG, Real Estate, Research and Publications Management, and International Trade. He has also worked for the Bangladesh and Korean Government in the commercial sector. Hey currently resides in Malaysia but but is a global entrepreneur.


Koleman Lutz

Co-founder at Journey Foundation

Kolemann is an entrepreneur with four years of experience in Earth observation, geospatial analysis, and spacecraft design with a background in nonprofits. Born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area, Kolemann holds a B.S. in International Business. He is the Cofounder at Journey Foundation and is an alumnus of the Space Entrepreneurship Center at International Space University. Koleman has spent a significant amount of time in the South East Asia region taking in local culture and engaging with the people.


Labiba Zaman  

Lawyer at Amir and Amir Law Associates

Labiba is a lawyer who has been working  in Bangladesh’s renowned law firm Amir and Amir Law Associates for the past  3 years and has dealt with many international clients for corporate solutions. Labiba has completed her LLB hons from the University of London and  LLM in International Trade Law from Northumbria University UK. Alongside her legal practice she has also been working on research work with her Senior in the chamber. Labiba  is very friendly, enthusiastic, determined and hard working. She loves her work and puts her heart and soul into what she does.



Farzana Afrin Tisha  

Business Development Manager Global & 

Head of Marketing at Brain Station 23

Tisha is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer academically who is working as the Marketing Lead in one of the top home-grown Global IT company Brain Station 23 Limited.  She is also working for Global IT Business Development in Brain Station & has more than 5 years of experience in both the local & global IT industry. As such she has experience with working nations the West (such as Germany and the Netherlands) as well as the East including Japan.  Besides being an IT Marketing & Business Development Enthusiast, she is highly involved with tech community work. She is one of the co-founders of the one and only AWS Community in Bangladesh. Along with that, she is Google's #IamRemarkable Facilitator in Bangladesh.


Gloria Petersen

Founder and Director of Global Protocol Academy, LLC

 Gloria is founder and director of Global Protocol Academy, LLC, has provided training, seminars, and coaching in professional image, cultural etiquette, and international protocol for over 30 years. She primarily trains corporate trainers, university professors, and career coaches in the image and soft skills needed to build global relationships with professionalism and confidence. Gloria is a renowned Certified Protocol Professional and author of “The Art of Professional Connections,” a four-guidebook series ( Her clients range from Fortune 100 companies to emerging entrepreneurs. To learn more about the academy, visit To learn more about the author and founder, visit


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